February, 2013

Rainham Marshes

Rainham Marshes
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Rainham Marshes

  • Fiery tails and waggy tails

    The male Black Redstart showed very well again on and off all day yesterday and at least one female was also seen on the rubbish strewn rubble seawall below the metal defences.  A Grey Wagtail and solitary winter Robin have been seen on the same stretch and it looks like the Robin is a bit miffed by his red tailed relatives impinging on his territory.  The big fat Brown Rats just carry on as normal but the male Black Red has been seen following them around to see what they turf up in the way of inverts!  Birds are ever the opportunist!

    Black Red

    Grey Wag - my favourite bird

    All images by Dave McGough and I reckon that him and Russ should have even better from yesterday.....


  • Stripely Sniperly

    There has been some even closer than usual probing action in front of the Purfleet Hide in recent days and in a brief moment of sunshine, Dave McGough got these great shots of a couple of our stripy Snipe feeding just out and to the left in the muddy margins.  Will not be too long now till the first Little Ringed Plover is back and feeding in the same area......


  • Slow growers...

    Jerry Hoare took some fabulous close up shots of some of the lichen growing in the woodland.  Such a range in colours and textures.