May, 2014

Rainham Marshes

Rainham Marshes
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Rainham Marshes

  • Art in the Purfleet Hide - Pete Jackson Photography

  • Could they be the first to breed?

    The pair of Common Terns are still holding territory on the small island in front of the Butts Hide. The male has been seen taking her fish as offerings of love and he has been defending his patch from marauding Herons and gulls.....

    Great action shots from Bob Cooper....


  • Mixed Bag

    Sunshine, rain, wind and cloud.....  we had a bit of everything this Bank Holiday at Rainham..... However, it sounds like Pat Hart had a good walk in the sun yesterday and Hobbies were putting on a show as more dragonflies take to the wing.

    as seen in this awesome shot by Marianne Taylor

    Marsh Harriers continue to be seen and I wish we knew what this couple are actually up to out there. Meanwhile Redshank and Lapwing chicks are still hatching and the parents of both species are still vigilant to attack from above and below.

    Redshank alarming (Bob Cooper)

    A young Herring Gull gets some Lapwing abuse (Bob Cooper)

    Plenty of insect life too with some good butterflies along the river wall in out of the wind spots.

    Brown Argus and Common Blue (Mark Hart)

    It looks like we have a wet week to come but with winds from the north east who knows what may turn up?