September, 2014

Rainham Marshes

Rainham Marshes
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Rainham Marshes

  • Duck in trouble

    Peregrine activity is on the up now and both pylon adults taking on wildfowl on the marsh.  I caught this pair in action the other day as they tried to finish of a downed Teal out on the Target Pools....  the poor duck kept diving in the shallow water to escape the persistent dive bombing from the chunky female.


  • Southbound or not....

    That is the question.... Green Sandpipers nest in the far north in the Taiga zone but other than a brief window in between mid-April and Mid June they always seem to be here. Some migrate further sound but you are just as likely to put one of these skittish white rumped waders up from a flowing damp ditch or watercress bed in the heart of the winter.

    I think that they are engaging birds who always seem to be studiously looking for something to eat rather than just suffering from random probing...


  • Caught on camera...

    We still have our trail cameras out on the marsh that we used to check for foxy incursions during the breeding season and it is quite surprising what actually triggers them to snap... For the most part it is the cattle ambling round and munching away but sometimes a flock of Starlings descend and we get a blur of black and brown spottiness or a Brown Rat may snuffle across during the hours of darkness.

    On this occasion it was a very stately but somewhat surprised looking Grey Heron that got caught on film...