February, 2015

Rainham Marshes

Rainham Marshes
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Rainham Marshes

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  • Some highlights from the last few days...


    I thought that I would give you some of the highlights of the last few days (or so).

    Our daily views of the marsh harrier, ravens and the very obliging female blackcap have continued!


    The female blackcap- actually have a rusty brown cap! This fabulous picture was taken by Lawrence Rogers.

    The female really likes the apples we've been putting out at the feeders by the centre! Keep your eyes pealed (pealed... apple...  get it? Sorry!)


    Waders have included golden plover, dunlin, redshank, ruff, lapwing, snipe, black tailed godwit, water rail, redshank, oystercatcher, and the odd curlew.





    If you are wandering down towards the woodland keep an eye out for cettis warblers, who have been showing off!

     Paul Hutchinson got this lovely shot the the cettis - they are quite an unusual one to spot, you hear then rather than see them most of the time!

    The bittern was spotted flying over Wennington yesterday (Friday 27 February)!


    There are still good numbers of ducks around, including good numbers of wigeon, tufted duck, mallard, and pintail.



    The barn owl has been seen huddling in the box in the woodland - and today it was seen sitting on the outside (at 12noon today!)

    Bill Crooks managed this lovely picture of the owl!

    I had to share this fab pictures of a reed bunting by Trevor Oakley!

    It's worth keeping an eye out for all sorts of creatures - even a butterfly was spotted the other day!

  • Just a trim...


    How are you today?

    So you might have noticed that last Thursday we closed the woodland for a bit... Well we were doing a little bit of tree work!

    We had a very nice tree surgeon in with a cherry picker to do some minor works - they took down some small dead limbs of some of the trees (we don't want them falling on the path on windy days!), and reduced the height of a couple of dead trees in there too. All of the dead wood was left underneath the trees to make great invertebrate habitat.

    By all accounts our warden Nicole had a great time being the contractors 'buddy' - she got to go in the cherry picker!