June, 2016

Rainham Marshes

Rainham Marshes
Do you love our Rainham Marshes nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!

Rainham Marshes

  • Help Support Team RSPB in this summer's cycle challenge!

    Jen Blake is our Active in Nature Officer, and she is a crazy lady (don't tell her I said that!)....

    She is amazing - she  looks after the Active in Nature project here... We are trying to get people enjoying being outside and being active. So here at Rainham we are hiring out bicycles to explore the River Wall section of the reserve, we have climbing boulders, a running club, yoga and Nordic walking sessions all in an amazing location. Jen is the lady that plans the self- guided children's Nature Orienteering (ask about that next time your are here), she runs events and is our cycle expert! You should definitely check out the great activities!

    Not only does she do this at Rainham, in her free time you'll find her kayaking, climbing, cycling, running and all sorts of active things that make me feel worn out just thinking about...

      Jen climbing the boulders, they're suitable for all ages and abilities.... I've even climbed them - it's so much fun!

      Jen is our bicycle mechanic - she also runs regular Dr Bike sessions if you would like her to look at your bicycle keep an eye out for the sessions!

    Well this summer Jen is taking part in the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 mile challenge as part of Team RSPB!

    Team RSPB are trying to raise as much money as they can to give back to nature this summer and help protect the natural world. Any donations would be incredibly appreciate (as well as any motivational support) - all money raised will go directly to the RSPB and into supporting nature.

    If you would like to support Jen please go to the JustGiving page here

      Jen will be cycling the 100 miles from London to Surrey to raise money for the RSPB

    Jen says:

    "The great outdoors has always been my favorite playground  - be it for running, walking, cycling, kayaking or climbing. There is something incredibly special about being immersed in such a beautiful environment and knowing that it is completely natural and largely undisturbed. Cycling along a country lane and seeing a buzzard or a kestrel soar over head or running through a rich and diverse woodland is certainly magical. The RSPB is a great charity and advocate for nature - giving a voice to our environment which cannot speak out for itself. With increasing development and growing infrastructure, as well as the ever present threats posed by climate change we need to work hard and work together to protect our landscapes and their wildlife. I am taking up this challenge to give something back to the natural world which has given me so much."

    Thank you!

  • New in today - Rainham Marshes gifts!

    Check out what arrived today - Rainham Marshes gifts!

    We have a tote bag, mug and notebook all with Rainham artwork featuring a kingfisher and our distinctive building!

    Check it out for yourself in the shop...

  • Bookcycle at Rainham

    Have you checked out the second hand books we have here at Rainham?

    We've got all sorts from natural history to novels there's something from everyone!

    We do have enough books at the moment so please don't bring any in for a while, but  we wanted to say thank you so much for your generosity donating your books - we've had lots donated recently, and we are struggling to find places to keep them.

     Jesper Matias (rspb-images.com)