Welcome to another guest blog!

This blog is all about one of our amazing local schools, and their very special walk for wildlife...

Take it away Hannah and Velda:


Our names are Hannah and Velda, and we are part of the Learning Team here at Rainham Marshes.

Here at Rainham Marshes we provide excellent school trips for all age groups (from Early Years to Key Stage 5). These curriculum linked course can be a half or full-day programme that will get groups exploring the natural world with exciting hands-on activities – from pond dipping, to habitat work, discovering plants or rivers there’s something for everyone.

If you have school age children or grand children, we would appreciate it if you would mention our fabulous education scheme to their school teacher when you see then next! If you want any more information we can give you a leaflet!




One of our local schools brings group to see us each year, and they did something very special as well that we wanted to tell you about...

On Friday 19 May, hundreds of thousands of school children all around the UK took part in the Walk 4 Wildlife 2017, a sponsored walk with the aim to raise funds for wildlife protection and conservation. One very special school in particular, Scargill Infant School in Rainham, decided to take the challenge and chose to donate the funds they raised to the RSPB.

They even invited one of our own dedicated volunteers from Rainham Marshes, Pat Hart, to come along and share some of his bird and wildlife knowledge with the children.

Despite inclement weather, the challenge went ahead and the children raised an astonishing amount of £1,242.85 for the RSPB. At the end of the event, the children showed off their beautiful artwork showing their love and appreciation for wildlife.

Scargill Infant School have kindly invited an RSPB representative from Rainham Marshes to attend a presentation assembly accepting the cheque for their wonderful donation.

We are so touched by the generosity and devotion of these children and their teachers.Thank you Scargils!!!!

For more information about the Walk for Wildlife visit http://www.walking4wildlife.com/schools-walk.