The sun might not be shining quite as brightly as yesterday, but that hasn’t deterred our work parties from continuing their projects. 

Whatever the weather you can always be sure to spot a volunteer out on the reserve clad in wellington boots and a cheerful smile. The cherry blossom and crocuses are now out in full bloom, heralding the coming of spring – and hopefully some sunny weather amidst the inevitable rain showers.

When Storm Doris arrived a few weeks ago there were reports of railway delays, missing roof tiles and garden fences blown away from the sheer force of the wind. Here at Sandwell Valley we suffered one fallen tree and a few large branches scattered across the pathways, but otherwise the reserve attained little damage from the blustery winds – pretty remarkable considering the debris left elsewhere.

Having cleared away the branches, it was decided that the fallen down tree could be put to good use. So, donning her steel capped boots and safety goggles, Katie from the Middleton Lake Reserve site set to work on the remaining stump. Carefully carving into the wood with a trusty chainsaw, she skilfully sculpted the tree, bit by bit transforming the stump into something everyone could enjoy.

The stump now sits happily in storytelling corner as a chair, providing a well-earned rest for those enjoying a long walk around the reserve, or perhaps for you to come and visit and tell your own story in one day.