When someone says the word ‘garden’ you might think of flowers or grass or trees – but how often do you think of herbs? Now that the weather is brightening up we’ve got more projects on the horizon, and our work parties are out and about across the reserve doing all sorts of things.

It's an absolutely gloriously sunny day today. Earlier this week we had a local youth group come along to help create a herb garden in the raised flower bed in the wildlife garden. They donned their gardening gloves and prepared the soil for a wide array of wonderful plants including mint, lavender and thyme. And it’s all going to be part of the sensory trail.

(Photo credit: Andy Purcell)

Langley School are also coming in to plant our lovely bed sculpture with two types of thyme, with an upright plant for the pillow area and a low growing species for the duvet area.

Did you know that our sense of smell is 10,000 times more accurate than our taste buds!

Some interesting facts about herbs:

  • The best time for planting herbs is between March and August
  • Lavender can help you sleep and relax
  • There’s an old saying that rosemary is for remembrance – it can boost your concentration!
  • Mint is a natural stimulant and can help relieve fatigue and depression
  • As well as smelling AMAZING, there are lots of herbs with medicinal properties too
  • Thyme contains carvacrol which can boost your mood and wellbeing