Leigh Geese

South Essex

South Essex
A landscape of wetlands and marshes nestled along the Thames Estuary.

South Essex

Leigh Geese

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Time flys so quickly, tomorrow we will be starting the second week of our brent goose watch at Leigh-on-Sea. The event runs daily on Victoria Wharf, Old Leigh 10 am - 4 pm until Friday 22 October.

Yesterday there were around 5,000 dark-bellied brent geese present, and they showed very well throughout the day. It looks as if this year they have had a successful breeding season, a sample count of 1,000 geese produced 225 juveniles, almost 25% compared to less than 8% last year. As well as the geese there are large numbers of wading birds including curlew, redshank, knot and dunlin. Little egrets are also present with 82 counted in the high tide roost yesterday.

  • Noel, thanks. Leigh is an amazing place and the brent goose watch is one of my favourite events. I look forward to hearing more from you on our community pages and hope you find them interesting.

    Not had a chance to get along to gunners yet, I'm hoping it stays around!

  • Nice posting  from one of myfavorite sites .. thanks

    Thought I'd say hi.

    Avid birder around Southend, Leigh, Wakering area.

    Regualrly update wide range of posts to my blog at www.twotree.blog.com

    feel free to comment ..nice to meet you all.

    Yellow Browed Warbler at Gunners Park this week (up the road) - has pleased quite a few around my way.