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South Essex

South Essex
A landscape of wetlands and marshes nestled along the Thames Estuary.

South Essex

  • Wild Wednesdays on West Canvey Marsh this Summer!

    Once again this year we will be running our Wild Wednesdays with the chance for your Wild Things to explore the ditches and grassy areas of West Canvey Marsh in search for creepy crawlies.  Last year despite the rain, each Wednesday we ran the event turned up something new including water scorpion,  dragonfly nymph and a smooth newt as well great views of wasp spiders along the ditch edge.


    The activities you are able to take part in are all connected to our Wild challenge with a major focus on trying to connect families with nature and the outdoors. whenever RSPB staff and volunteers are asked how they got into nature, majority often had a special connection when they were young and that what we want to encourage in the current generation.  Its not just for children though as one of the things that will always make me laugh is how keen parents often are to get involved with the various activities wanting to know what creatures are and it brings out the inner explorer in all of us.  Engaging children at an early age can excite a lifetime passion for the outdoors and its such a good time to get involved as their memories are like no other and majority of the time even we get reminded what we are looking at by a keen 7 year old.

    The Wild Challenge is supported by Aldi and has three tiers to achieve. Bronze, Silver and Gold and you earn these by taking part in a number of activities.  Some of these activities you can achieved by attending one of our events and taking part in pond dipping, some of these activities can be achieved by visiting your nearest nature reserve and just listening out to your surroundings and you can even achieve challenges at home by building a wildlife pond or making your own bird feeders.  To find out more follow:


    So get your Wild Things down on a Wednesday and come and discover some of the inhabitants of West Canvey Marsh. 

    All sessions start at 10am and last roughly 2 hours. 

    £6 per child, £5 RSPB Wildlife Explorer

    To book call us on 01268 498620 or email

    For more details:

    Image credit: Clive Osbourne


  • Photography Competition time for Canvey Island Wildlife day 2018

    Excited to announce that once again, the RSPB and Canvey Town Council are running Canvey Island Wildlife day on the 26 May 2018.  

    Along with the Wildlife day we will be running the Essex Wildlife Photography Competition which is, as always, free to enter. 

    Have you got what it takes to enter a winning shot?



    We had some fantastic entries last year so hoping for another good year and another great opportunity to show off the great wildlife that Essex has to offer.

    Categories this year are:

    • Under 18
    • Over 18

    Deadline for submissions will be Sunday 20 May and the winner will be chosen on the 26 May by Mike Dilger from the BBC`s One Show.

    You can download the entry form with terms and conditions below.

    For more information contact:

    RSPB South Essex - 01268 498620 or

    Certainly looking forward to seeing all the entries and best of luck in your submissions!

  • A thank you and goodbye to Steph

    Here at South Essex we want to start celebrating the people that make the South Essex Reserves such a special place ranging from the staff and volunteers who go out every week to improve the habitat on Bowers Marsh to our brilliant Welcome Hosts found in the visitor centre at the South Essex Wildlife Garden in Wat Tyler Country Park. We start this series off with a big thank you to Stephanie King, One of our Assistant Wardens who is sadly leaving us today.  Steph has been an incredible asset to the team over the past 6 months and has applied herself to all areas of managing a reserve ranging from getting stuck in with the work party to helping write reports.       

    Below are just a few words from Steph herself.

    "I always knew I wanted a career that needed my full attention, hard work and one that was full of adventure. However what surprises most people who ask me is that, even though I have always had a love for nature, when I was an imaginative young girl I never realised I’d end up wanting a career in wildlife conservation, let alone being in one. However all that changed when I found myself, after searching online for a way to get out of a barstaff job, as a work party volunteer at a local nature reserve. I knew from then on that this was what I truly wanted to do.

    From that point I worked incredibly hard by volunteering, and becoming an intern for the next few years until finally, starting in April 2017, I became an Assistant Warden for RSPB South Essex. I finally got my career that required my full attention, I had to work hard and it was definitely full of adventure.

    Since being here I have had major projects that include organising putting a viewing screen in West Canvey Marsh, done Breeding Bird Surveys, brushcutting, hide repairs and many other things.

    Unfortunately my time at South Essex is coming to a close but I have learnt so much, I have enjoyed myself and this is down to some amazing staff and volunteers we have at here at South Essex Marshes, who have welcomed me with open arms and has made me feel like I was part of a family. South Essex has been so valuable to enhancing my knowledge of working in wildlife conservation and that knowledge and experience with certainly come with me on my next adventure."

    So a big thank you for all your hard work and we wish you all the best in the future!