South Essex

South Essex

South Essex
A landscape of wetlands and marshes nestled along the Thames Estuary.
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  • A thank you and goodbye to Steph

    Here at South Essex we want to start celebrating the people that make the South Essex Reserves such a special place ranging from the staff and volunteers who go out every week to improve the habitat on Bowers Marsh to our brilliant Welcome Hosts found...
  • The Geese have returned

    Essex is home to some fantastic wildlife spectacles and none more impressive than the migration of the brent geese. They arrive from their breeding ground in northern Russia and Siberia to feed on the eel grass found along the coastline and recently...
  • Susy`s love of water voles

    No animal I have ever known of is as rotund, plump, and squidgy looking, as our water vole. They have deep brown eyes, set in rich chestnut fur, with a gentle creamy eye ring, which can make them look almost spectacled. And no animal species has ever...
  • Canvey Island Wildlife Day Photography competition 2017

    We are coming round for another Canvey Island Wildlife day, this year on the 27 May. Means its time for another Essex Wildlife competition, run by RSPB and Canvey Town Council and completely free to enter! Have you got what it takes to show...
  • Sightings South Essex Marshes w/c 25th May

    With the breeding season well underway the birds a starting to quieten down a little bit, but good performances still being put on at all of the reserves. At Bowers Marsh corn buntings are in full voice and the skylarks are still flying high. Other visitors...
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5 Chinese Cranes!!

These are the cranes which were manufactured in China and brought to Essex by sea, they can be seen clearly...
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A Fox watches me Bowers Marsh

The fox watches me and a flock of Greylag Geese
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Activities for children - nestbox making

Activities for children now take place in the RSPB Discovery Zone at Wat Tyler Country Park at weekends...
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Activities for children - owl pellet dissection

Activities for children and families now take place in the RSPB Discovery Zone at Wat Tyler Country Park...
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adult Glaucous Gull - West Canvey Marsh

Present from the roadside hide. You can see more here
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As above

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Avocet by the Marina

Surprised to see this on its own this afternoon. Mon Dec 20th.
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Bat Walk

As part of the Guiding Centenary "Adventure 100" badge, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides of West...
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Bearded Tit

Juvenile Bearded Tit ,Scape hide South Essex
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Bearded Tit at Bower Marsh

Feeding in the winter sun
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Bearded tit in the sun

summers nearly here and the bearded tits are enjoying the warmth, Green centre hide Wat Tyler
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Bearded Tits

Juvenile Bearded Tits like leaves on a tree
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