Author: Peter Bradley, Senior Sites Manager, The Lodge


Next week, final construction work begins on our 100 m tall wind turbine, located within Sandy Ridge field at The Lodge nature reserve. It is predicted to generate 1.85 million kWh of green energy every year, equivalent to over half of the electricity the RSPB uses across its 127 UK locations.


The turbine will arrive on eight lorries and will be erected over the next two weeks, weather dependent.


We believe that there will be no significant impact on local residents and visitors to The Lodge nature reserve during construction, other than minor, temporary, disruption to traffic during the delivery period. Ecotricity and the turbine manufacturer who undertake delivery will continue to consult with the local Highways Authority and Police during the construction process to ensure that disturbance is minimised.


It should be impressive to watch the construction process, so if you feel like popping out to see the work taking place, the best places to view it will be the Sandy Ridge trail path and the Gatehouse car park. For obvious reasons of safety, no one may approach closer than these public areas.


For more information about The Lodge wind turbine, or to get in touch with us about the project, please visit