Children carrying on in front of Bird Feeder webcam.

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The Lodge
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The Lodge

Children carrying on in front of Bird Feeder webcam.

  • I‘ve been watching the Bird Feeder webcam at The Lodge and there are 3 children carrying on trying to bang the camera with wood and also trying to bring birdfeeders crashing down onto the ground. It is quite disturbing.

  • Have you tried ringing them Ian to let them know?

  • I don’t suppose the main staff at The Lodge headquarters will be working today. I tried phoning but no reply. Those 3 children have now left from the vicinity of the webcam.

  • The HQ office staff will be off but the reserve shop should be open.

  • I did phone The Lodge Shop, But they asked if they where still in the vicinity of the webcam and I told the member of staff or volunteer that they had left that area, she didn’t seem interested and just said we'll keep an eye out. The response to myself was quite disappointing.

  • That's a shame Ian

  • I know. She didn’t seem concerned.

  • Hi THOMO,

    I work at The Lodge and I've just seen your post. I've just now sent an email to the Site Manager to notify him of this, though he is currently on leave. I'll also mention it to security and other colleagues so they know to keep an eye out. It certainly is disturbing; thanks for letting us know!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi there,

    The Lodge Webcam is now just a blank screen with some bright light. Whether those 3 children have damaged the camera from yesterday, I don’t know.

  • I 've just scrolled back on youtube Ian and a kid has pulled some sort of bag over it.

    I scrolled back about 45 minutes from now.

  • I've got a screen grab of him but wont post it on here.

  • I have them on vid now D!  Just uploading on YT ... will send to Lodge if I can find address?

  • It beats me why they have the camera so low down it can be tampered with by kids, especially if they are not going to keep an eye on it.

    Wendy make the video private so others can't see it until you hear from the Lodge just send them the link.

  • Skip to 4m20s ...


  • Yes there where similar problems with the 3 children on the webcam yesterday. It’s really quite shocking.