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Bird ID Web site - Test your knowledge online.

  • Hi everyone!!  Take a look at this great website I found  You can test your bird (or mammal) ID skills at your chosen level.  It's very good.  I tested my children and they surprised me with how many birds they could name!!

  • Failed badly on trying to find the English version, did much better with the birds once I did though.

  • There's a drop-down list at the top which you need to select first.  Also, they must still be developing the mammals and tracks tests as you can't click on the links for them.   Some pictures of the birds are at a funny angle so you can't see the markings - which is great as it's what we see in real life! What levels did you try brad?

  • Tried level 1 and level 6, got a minus score at level 6, I'll try it in Norwegian next I may do better.

  • Thanks for the link, Andrea. Still working on level 2 UK!

  • Had a bash at level 1. Might try level 2 later. It's a good site thanks for sharing it.


  • Grrrrr, Can't tell marsh and willow tits apart!!! Also having trouble with turns, they're all the same!  I like how on the higher levels they put babies and females into the mix.

  • Now, you've put me off trying a higher level :-)

  • Sometimes their surroundings give you a clue. Higher levels are really difficult but then there will be a completely obvious Puffin for example to put your score back up.  On the plus side the high levels make it easier for you to get on the daily score chart, even with Brad's negative score!!

  • What's a Puffin?

  • Maybe you should stick to level one after all!

  • I think you may be right

  • Try the sound quiz too, I just tried it at level 1 UK, it was mostly blue tits and cuckoos - so not too difficult!

  • Can manage the Cuckoo not sure about the others mind you. Really really bad on bird song.

  • Just tried the sound one, I have so much to learn.