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Troup Head

Troup Head
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Troup Head

Post it here anyway!

  • Not exactly seen at Trouphead but I have nowhere else to stick down my latest "new" sighting so I thought I might as well put it in here as its the closest RSPB site to Banff!

    A few days ago I know, but I was down at the beach in front of Scotstown at Banff (Sunday the 7th of August) when I spotted a large gathering of birds on the rocks that I did not recognise. I retrieved my binoculars from the boot of the car and spent the next 10 minutes taking notes of the markings of the birds and counted approximately 34 of them.

    Looking at my notes I have written the following, see if you can guess what they were!

    Bird is slightly larger than a duck, orange webbed feet. Appears to have a beige/creamy underbelly with a grey upper parts. Noted a small white patch/spot to the rear of the bird. long neck with a white throat clearly defined from the head which looks to be a chocolate brown. Long thin orange? beak with a slight hook at the tip. Also has a small crest.  Approximately 34 initially on the rocks (about 100 yards from the shore) preening and sleeping but on getting out of the car they took to the water and left for open water.

    I had to return home and go through my guide books to find out what kind of bird it was, it is definitely the first time I have seen them at Banff beach.

    Have you guessed what they were yet?!!


    Yep, that's right, they were female Goosanders which can often gather in small same sex flocks. Although usually found in fresh water environs, they can also be found in protected sea water inlets. Check up on the RSPB site for pictures and more info. Hope this was of interest!



  • I saw them at Whitehills by the front last time I tried to go to the guided walk.  

  • Was that a first for you seeing them in this area? Not a bird I was acquaint with before but I'll certainly know it the next time!

  • It took me ages to work out if they were goosanders or mergansers, I had my Collins in the car.  I've not actually been to the place very often so I don't know if they're common there or not.  If I'd worked it out quicker then maybe my battery wouldn't have gone flat and I'd have made it to Troup Head.  :-D  Hey ho, we live and learn, new battery in now.