Wallasea Island Wild Coast project

Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
Conservation for the 21st century, on a scale never before attempted in the UK!

A water vole (I think).

Not as sharp as a stills camera might have produced, this was captured from video as he (or she) swam in the dyke beside the car park at Wallasea Island back in June only twenty feet from me. It was one of two I saw in the same stretch of water in the space of half an hour. Magical!
  • A water vole (I think).

    Hi Andrew, glad you have experienced the joy of watching these little guys, they are regular in that stretch of borrow dyke by the car park. There are lots more around the borrow dykes along the south west wall too, near the new habitat that has been created specially for them to move to as the eastern end of the island is prepared to become new saltmarsh and mudflats. Quite a few were trapped and relocated to their new home over last summer, some with radio tags so they can be tracked to see where they end up.