Scrub clearance

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Winterbourne Downs
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Scrub clearance

  • I have seen recently that there has been a fair bit of clearance, from the car park up the track towards the old bridge, of a fair bit of the plant life, namely the brambles which bore blackberries.

    What is the reason behind this please?

  • Hello Trooper,

    Apologies for not spotting your query earlier. The blogosphere is not my normal realm of operation. I start today!

    This winter's scrub clearance north of the car park to the old bridge was intended to push back the bramble thickets which were becoming a hazard for visitors and difficult to manage, sending trailing arms of lacerating thorns across the trail at amazing rapidity in mid-summer.

    The end result was more enthusiastically carried out than originally envisaged, however I hope that we should see some diverse successional vegetation for at least one summer before the brambles are back to their full glory.

    Best wishes

    Patrick Cashman