Still beautiful weather (a great surprise for us in West Wales as more than two days of sunshine in a row is highly unusual!). Wonderful views today of two ospreys, perched on a large piece of driftwood at the side of the river. After a few minutes one decided to have a bit of a hunt and after ten minutes or so it caught a large fish. I always find ospreys rather annoying in their fishing skills. I spend hours and hours staring at the end of a fishing rod waiting patiently for a nibble and 99 times out of a hundred I fail to catch anything at all. An osprey spends little time and within a few minutes it takes a large fish which reduces my chances of catching one quite considerably. Must not begrudge them really even though they are far better fishers than me. 

Other birds reported include the first green sandpipers on migration south, lots of young redstart and reeling grasshopper warblers which have re-started singing again.