Astonishingly warm weather for March here at Ynys-hir. The winds have been ideal for migration with a trickle of migrants arriving daily. First here, as always, were sand martins, closely followed by wheatear and chiffchaff. Yesterday, the first blackcaps were singing and this morning a few willow warblers have arrived, the latter's song a lovely descending trill. Any day now, if the weather remains as it is, I expect redstart or an early pied flycatcher; definate harbingers of Spring. Celandines, marsh marigolds and wood sorrel are all in bloom but my favourite, the wood anemone has still to appear in splender. Reptiles are waking from hibernation with a few grass snakes seen in the wetter areas and on the lowland wet grassland, lapwings are displaying in good numbers with some already incubating a full clutch of eggs, the earliest I can recall. The grey herons are back in the heronry and, to my suprise, 12 little egrets were lined up on the salt marsh just below appearing eager to join their larger cousins. Reserve staff are arriving earlier and earlier too, eager to be the one to see the first pied flycatcher or redstart of the year. It is rather unfair, though, that the Area Manager lives on-site and invariably gets most of the year ticks. I will have to set my alarm clock earlier and earlier I think, to beat him to a redstart or pied flycatcher tomorrow.