Spring Arrivals


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Spring Arrivals

  • Signs of spring are coming thick and fast at Ynys-hir, and earlier this year than previous years.  I will update this post as more sightings come in!  So far we have:



    Chiffchaff - lots and lots of them!

    Sand martin


    Pied flycatcher - arrived 10 days earlier than last year



    Winter visitors still here (but may be gone soon!):

    White fronted goose


    Hen harrier


    Grey plover


    Bar-tailed godwit


    Spotted redshank

    Black-headed gull

    Common gull







    Small tortoiseshell


    And of course the species that are here all year round are feeling the delights of spring.  The lapwing are doing their display flights and we’ve had a spate of otter sightings.

  • News just in - one redstart and lots of willow warblers seen but not singing yet.

    We have also had a couple of sightings of a grass snake this week, sunning itself by the boardwalk.

  • A beautiful sunny day at Ynys-hir today with a few more spring arrivals to add to the list.

    Grasshopper warbler seen from the boardwalk

    tree pipit near Ynys Edwin ridge

    wood warbler


  • The reserve seems full of birds this morning.  Many willow warblers, chiffchaffs and blackcaps singing.  There are redstarts and wheatear here also.

    New arrivals include garden warbler and two ospreys on the estuary.

  • This morning we heard our first cuckoo of the year!

    Also now arrived are sedge warblers, reed warblers and whitethroats.

    Most of the winter visitors have left now but the Greenland white fronted geese are still here.

  • The spotted flycatchers have arrived on the reserve, they're very early, we don't normally see them until May!

  • That's a very early arrival :)

  • I think all of our summer residents have now arrived including wood warblers, winchats, house martins and swifts. 

  • Yep, your on my todo list :)