Springwatch 2011, highlights so far?


Do you love our Ynys-hir nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!

Springwatch 2011, highlights so far?

  • Great shows so far, loads of cracking wildlife from Ynys-hir on show, what are your favourites so far?

  • To be fair, this series is off to a cracking start.

    The camera on the herony is outstanding!!

    A Bit bored of beavers tho....

    Although it amuses me to watch the consumate proffesionals :) still snigger

  • Good to see them get some live beaver footage, the apple trick was quite neat as well! Back at Ynys-hir the nesting behaviour of the pied fly's is interesting, especially the male having a panic when cornered in the nest by the returning female. I'm intrigued by the sandpipers...they left us hanging a bit there!

  • The grasshopper warblers have been the best for me.  They're so secretive that to see into the private world of their nest was amazing!

  • Yeah groppers, are high up there :)

  • Who else is addicted to the Springwatch webcams?

  • Lot's of us are addicted to Springwatch. However, the other Springwatch threads were posted to the whole Community. This one is posted to the Ynys-Hir group and only group members are allowed to reply to it.

  • Hi woodpecker, as Springwatch is from Ynys-Hir this year, we felt it was a good idea to start some conversations about Ynys-hir in the Ynys-hir group, which is open to anyone on the community to join! Feel free to chip in either here or anywhere else if you wish to chat about Springwatch or the goings on at Ynys-hir!

  • Hi Ian

    It is a good idea.

    I am a member of several groups, and must admit I hadn't joined the Ynys-Hir group only because it is probably out of my places to visit range. On the other hand, it looks like a great place to visit so hopefully one day I might be able to see it.

  • I would recommend it whole heartedly! Last time I was there the birdlife was awesome, I remember spending a couple of hours watching a male redstart feeding. I got some cracking shots of dragonfly as well, if I remember correctly it was a southern hawker. As you can see from the SW shows, the diversity of habitats at the site gives you a good chance to see a wide variety of wildlife.

  • Half tempted to get up a silly o clock on Sunday and have a wander up to Ynys-Hir .. it only a couple of hours drive from me in South Wales ...

    Springwatch has definetly "sold" the reserve well with the variety of wildlife they have shown.

    My favourite bit so far has to be the Heronry .. that shot into the setting sun just makes me go wow each time!


  • Bet you didn't :)