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  • Media: Bearded Tit (Reedling)

    RSPB Rainham Marshes - Wednesday 23rd November, 2011
  • Media: Bearded Tit (Reedling)

    RSPB Rainham Marshes - Wednesday 23rd November, 2011
  • Media: Bearded Tit (Reedling)

    RSPB Rainham Marshes - Wednesday 23rd November, 2011
  • Media: Bearded Tit (Reedling)

    RSPB Rainham Marshes - Wednesday 23rd November, 2011
  • Forum Thread: Sighting of 16 Waxwings at Minsmere

    16 Waxwings sighted 25th November Close-up of Waxwings at Minsmere
  • Forum Thread: Red Deer pics from this morning...

    I brought a couple of friends up to Westleton/Minsmere this morning at first light and got lucky with a several rutting spectacles. Snapped these guys on the way out, hope you like them!
  • Forum Thread: Vanishing Garden Birds

    I take great pleasure in feeding the wild birds, having about 8 feeders of various sorts also some old metal dog cages for ground feeders. In the last week all the birds seem to have vanished, food remains in the feeders and no sightings. Not seen any ill like we did last year, no little bodies found...
  • Media: black-headed gull

    Black-headed gull in winter plumage taken near the entrance to Fairburn Ings
  • Media: Kingfisher

    Kingfisher - (cropped, distance shot) at Fairburn Ings on Monday 11th July, 2011.
  • Media: Kingfisher

    This is another shot of the same Kingfisher. (There were two KFs, but one flew away before we could get a pic!) I live in Essex and have always wanted to see a 'Yorkshire' Kingfisher :) Have now seen this gorgeous species in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Renfrewshire....
  • Media: Redstart

    I believe this is a juvenile Redstart. Confirmation would be appreciated! Many thanks to the staff at Fairburn who told us about the Redstart sightings on 11th July, 2011. (We saw the stunning male bird, but sadly were not quick enough to get a pic of him).
  • Media: Kingfisher washing the tunnel muck off

    Single parent male Kingfisher at Rye Meads. He continues to feed his brood but the nest tunnel must be getting mucky by now (13th July) and he needs to wash after each visit.
  • Forum Thread: Upton Heath Fire

    Ominously close to Arne. Filmed this from the north side of the Arne peninsula at 4pm, wondering what all the smoke was: I suppose dropping water from the harbour with helicopters might do more damage than good?
  • Blog Post: Warden's news

    With the unsettled weather, May has been quiet this year on the migrant-front. Hayle Estuary has had quite a purple patch with the April Bonaparte’s Gull lingering until 21 st May and an American Golden Plover from 1 st -7 th . A Temminck’s Stint drew a crowd at Ryan’s Field on 14 th...
  • Blog Post: Bird news June/July

    As I write this in mid-July the first of the autumn waders are returning with Green Sandpipers at Marazion and Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Redshank, Greenshank, Black-tailed Godwit and Ruff on the Hayle Estuary already. Presumably these are failed or non-breeders as it is still only July after all. The highlight...
  • Media: Starlings in snow - 2011

    A bunch of starlings playing in the snow in my backgarden.
  • Media: Jackdaw. II

    Jackdaw in my garden. :]
  • Media: Jackdaw

    Jackdaw in my garden. :]
  • Media: Bathtime for the Starlings

    Two starlings having in bath in the pond in my garden. :]
  • Media: Blue tit looking evil

    This blue tit in my garden stares at us evily
  • Media: Purple heron

    This beautiful bird has been seen on the marsh regularly since the 15 th April.
  • Media: Bluebell

  • Media: Four Spotted Chaser

    Coombe Heath. One of the best places to see Dragons.
  • Media: Female Raft Spider

    I had heard of these, but not seen one. Thanks to a kind couple we met by the small pond on Coombe Heath, we were introduced to them. What a gorgeous species of spider. Great hunters as well. I watched this female take something as I was snapping, and got home to find one blurred image of the spider...
  • Media: Four Spotted Chaser

    This poor thing was quite damaged. Probably injured by ants or pond skaters as it emerged. It's a vulnerable time for Dragons, as their wings need to unfold, fill up with blood and dry out. If they do not safely emerge, and their wings are attacked, they have little chance of ever flying. Such a...