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  • Blog Post: Coed y Capel Hide

    When visiting Lake Vyrnwy, it is easy to overlook one of the most delightful features, the Coed y Capel hide which translates to the Chapel Wood hide. Nestled in a small car park, with the hustle and bustle of the cars and cafe business outside, it is housed in a modest looking wooden hut. An RSPB notice...
  • Blog Post: Our new Badger Watching hide!

    Ever fancied the chance to get up-close and personal with badgers in their natural habitat? Alasdair Grubb We're offering an opportunity to get a truly fantastic experience to get really close and watch/study these fascinating animals, and give you an evening you will never forget. Whether...
  • Media: Marsh Harrier and Crow - recent photo by Robert Folder

    “It was taken down at the hide one morning. The Marsh Harrier was hunting over the reeds. The Crow did not like it around”
  • Media: Close-up of Speckled Wood butterfly

    This one had found a favourite spot near the Wath Ings Hide.
  • Media: View 2 of small wader- with Lapwing

    An alternative view of the same small wader. I'm querying whether it might be a Ruff. p.s I'm not too sure about uploading via this content management system. Can I upload two photos to the same entry or is the only alternative to put them on my flickr site and then link them via a URL?
  • Media: Photographed at Old Moor on the afternoon of 24/8/16

    Small waders are not my strong point when it comes to identification - I wonder if this might be a Ruff. I know they've been sighted at Old Moor. I was in the Wath Ings hide, where we were also able to view the Godwit.
  • Media: Male red Crested Pochard at the Fen hide

    Nothing much was showing at the Fen hide then suddenly a pair of Red Crested Pochard drifted into the back of the pool worked they way around providing some great views of these looking elegant ducks. Worth waiting around for!
  • Media: Red Crested Pochard, Female

    The other half of the pair of Red Crested Pochard that appeared at the Fen hide
  • Forum Thread: Leighton Moss visit (part 1)

    As most of you know, Mike and I recently visited Leighton Moss rspb for 4 days, meeting up with fellow forumite Jim; unfortunately, Jason was unable to meet up with us on Friday due to working some overtime but his train did pass by us on a couple of occasions ! The recent floods had caused most of...
  • Blog Post: How's the hide coming along?

    If you read my blog last week, you'll know that we are in the process of replacing Public hide. The old one was taken down last week by our wardens and volunteers and then on Monday, Gilleards arrived with the brand spanking new one! The weather on Monday was not kind to them as you can see from...
  • Media: RSPB Coquet Island Bird Hide

    The 6ft x 6ft hide began life in 2005 as a basic shelter but has been gradually modified and enhanced over the past decade by its creator, award-winning blacksmith Stephen Lunn. Externally it resembles a miniature version of the Trinity lighthouse on Coquet Island but instead of a giant bulb, there is...
  • Media: Heroic protection

    Two of RSPB's real Hen Harrier Hero squad, Chris Beever and Jim Harvey, mounting 24/7 guard on England's remaining hen harriers. (c) Steve Ormerod, Forest of Bowland, 2014.
  • Media: Hidden watch

    Assisted by telescopes and remote hidden cameras, RSPB staff and volunteers keep a 24/7 watch over two hen harrier nests in Bowland. (c) Steve Ormerod, 2014.
  • Media: Standing guard

    Assisted by telescopes and remote hidden cameras, RSPB staff and volunteers keep a 24/7 watch over two hen harrier nests in Bowland. (c) Steve Ormerod, 2014.
  • Blog Post: Eric brings us sunshine!

    Have you seen the newest terrific treat at Leighton Moss? In honour of the late comedian Eric Morecambe, we’ve given one of our hides a revamp. Turn the corner and look who’s waiting for you! Give him a wave as you head on up for a fantastic view of Morecambe Bay. Did you know...
  • Media: Preening the Wings

    Kingfisher preening its wings
  • Media: Kingfisher Preening

    Kingfisher Preening
  • Media: Hide the Heron!

    A Grey Heron catches the sunlight at RSPB Conwy, with one of the Reserve's hides in the background
  • Blog Post: Duck and cover

    Next time you approach the hide overlooking Moore Lake, take a moment to admire the new living willow screen on your right: Volunteer work party The screen is designed to grow over time to conceal people approaching the hide, so that the birds on Moore Lake don't take off in alarm as you...
  • Blog Post: Bank habitat improvement

    Today the estate team have been working alongside the shore of the Saltholme Pools hide, if you came down to the hide today you will have seen us all working infront of the hide - This morning the difference was that the bank along the waters’ edge was like a small cliff due to erosion from...
  • Blog Post: Life as a Reserve Warden Intern

    It's strange to think that I have been volunteering at RSPB Marshside for nearly 6/7 years on and off now and I am still coming back for more enjoyment. Working alongside the past Warden of the reserve and now working with the present warden and site manager I have been able to digest an awful amount...
  • Media: My second visit to Titchwell.

    Titchwell Marsh Saturday August 31st 2013 A flight of 13 Spoonbills came over just as I left Island Hide; fortunately I'm a quick snapper! (Copyright held and full licence in revocation of RSPB terms & Conditions: This file is not permitted for download or re-use without Copyright holder's...
  • Media: Eider ducklings with mum

    Taken from the hide, so they were nice and close today.
  • Blog Post: Black and white and cute all over

    Here's a photo to melt even the hardest heart! Image: avocet chicks by Steve Dobromylski These little chaps are avocet chicks, recently hatched on the islands on Moore Lake. You can watch them and their parents from the hide as they paddle about, feeding in the mud with their unusual upturned...
  • Blog Post: Schools arts class in the 360 Hide tomorrow between 10.30am and 1.30pm

    Hello there, You may have noticed our lovely art lecterns set at intervals around the reebed trail. These were put in as a result of a partnership with the Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough and their talented young artists often supply wildlife art to feature in the lecterns. A group of these...