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Here are some ideas and guidance to help your family make the most of the UK's fantastic wildlife
  • The RSPB are coming to a city near you! - Dates for Swansea, Nottingham, Norwich and Bournemouth

    This summer we are launching a project in partnership with supermarket chain Aldi, that will put a trained outreach officer in 15 cities across Great Britain.

    Our outreach officers will be setting up at parks and in city greenspaces to provide a range of materials and activities to help families (with kids aged 4-12) get closer to nature in these familiar green spaces. 

    Through the summer (from the end of May to September) we'll be posting updates on this blog with lists of the events and locations our outreach officers. 

    We have different levels of detail for each site so check back for more updates soon. 

    For now check out the list of events and locations we have so far:


    Locations will include Chorlton Water Park, Fletcher Moss Park, Heaton Park and Alexandra Park.


    Swansea Community Farm - 30th May, 11th June, 16th July The LC, Swansea - 3rd June, 12th June Castlefest, Weobly Castle, Swansea - 20th and 21st August

    Green spaces to keep an eye out are; Brynmill park, Singleton Park and Clyne Gardens!


    From May half-term holiday until September, visitors to Queen’s Park in Brent, West Ham Park in Newham and Hampstead Heath will be able to join the RSPB on activities to uncover London’s wildlife secrets.


    28th May - Taylors Park, St Helens - Butterfly themed activity and if weather is right I will be doing a butterfly activity too 18th June - Festival Gardens 9th/10th July - National Wildflower Centre - Scarecrow Festival.

    This event is organised by the NWC and involves local groups making scarecrows and being put on display around the centre 6th Aug - Greenslate Farm Festival

    We'll also be using Sefton Park and Calderstones.


    In Norwich we know we will be delivering activity in the following parks/green spaces:

    Eaton Park

    Mousehold Heath

    Catton Park

    Whitlingham Country Park

    Chapelfield Park

    We have confirmed the following:

    21 May, 1, 4, 11, June at Catton Park.

    29 May Eaton Park

    30 May, 5, 12 June, 24, 27 July, 3, 10, 18 and 24 Aug at Whitlingham Country Park

    2 July at Chapelfield Park

    25 July at Mousehold Heath


    11 June Pollinators

    Join us to learn more about why pollinators are important and learn to ID some of the butterflies and bees we find in Glasgow

    Glasgow Wild Fest - September

    This year’s theme is Natures Architects  citywide events will run across Glasgow celebrating Glasgow green spaces and wildlife through environmental activities.

    Glasgow key sites - Kelvingrove Park, Pollock Park, Queens Park, Castlemilk and Kelvinside Woodlands.  


    Duddingston Bioblitz 25 June

    From 6am – 11pm we will celebrating Duddingston’s community green spaces with environmental experts and partners by recording and running environmental activities aimed at engaging families and wildlife enthusiasts with the wildlife on their doorstep.

    9 July- Radio  4 Gardening Question time Garden Party at The Edinburgh Botanical Gardens

    Edinburgh key sites - Calders Community Garden, Bridgend Farmhouse, Bal green community space, and Duddingston Field Group


    We will be mainly at a mixture of Sutton Park, Cannon Hill and Perry Hill Parks

    29 May Sutton Park

    2 June Canon Hill Park

    4 June Sutton Park

    18 June Handsworth Park

    19 June Perry Hall Park

    25 and 26 Sutton Park


    From May half-term holiday until September, visitors to a number of parks in Brighton and Hove, including St Ann's Well Gardens, Preston, Queens, Hove and Saunders Parks will be able to join the RSPB for exciting nature activities which will help families get closer to nature.

    Wednesday 2nd of June, Queens Park Brighton, 11am-1pm and 2-4pm.

    Friday 3rd of June, Saunders Park, 11am-1pm and 2-4pm.

    Saturday 4th of June, St. Ann's Well Gardens, 11am-1pm and 2-4pm.


    Heaton Park; Jesmond Dene 


    29-30 May Markeaton Park, Derby

    4 June Elvaston Castle Country Park, Derby

    5 June Chaddesden Park, Derby

    18 June Long Eaton Carnival, Nottingham

    19 June Forest Recreation Ground, Nottingham

    25 June Forest Recreation Ground, Nottingham

    2 July Lenton Abbey, Nottingham

    3 July  Bluebell Dairy, Nottingham

    17 July Forest Recreation Ground, Nottingham

    In the summer holidays we will also be in joining in all the LoveParks events in Derby from 1 – 5 August


    The main areas will be The Kingfisher Barn at Muscliff, Boscombe Pier, Hengistbury head and Upton Country Park.

    For a more detailed list of events in Bournemouth download the attachment from this blog.

    More to come on these cities:




  • Six ways to enjoy the woods

    Add an extra dimension to a woodland wander, and get suitably sidetracked with these fun forest-based activities... 

    1. Make a sticky stick

    Wind some sticky tape round a stick, tacky side outwards. fix things to it that catch your eye; lichens, feathers, petals, seeds.

    2. Lay a trail through the woods

    For someone to follow. Make arrows with sticks and leaves, or stick them to a tree with mud.

    3. Make a forest crown

    Weave a bendy bough (ash, willow, hazel) into a secure ring and wrap ivy or wild clematis around it. Decorate with leaves, flowers and feathers.

    4. Make a hobbit, fairy or mouse garden

    Sweep a path around the inlet of tree roots, make a garden Palisade and stick door for the hole.


    5. Play Capture the Flag

    Two teams, their territories, one jail and a stick-flag in each.Steal each other's flag and bring it home to your patch. Prison if you're caught!

    6. Wood archery

    Fashion a bow from a finger-thick bendy branch. Cut notches in each end and string your bow. Whittle some arrows and fire at a mud target. 

    These ideas and pictures are an extract from our quarterly membership magazine Nature's Home.