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We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

Families blog

Here are some ideas and guidance to help your family make the most of the UK's fantastic wildlife
  • Go wild this April and you could be a winner

    This Easter we're launching the Wild Challenge to the wider world. 

    Its goal is to get more kids and their families experiencing nature in a way that will lead to a life-long love of wildlife. 

    It's totally free and by achieving a level of the Wild Challenge (bronze, silver or gold) in April you could also win one of 15 prizes worth over £60, or one big prize worth over £500 (courtesy of our partner Aldi Stores Ltd).

    Here's the smaller prize:

    Each smaller prize prize includes:

    • Binoculars for kids
    • An iSpy nature book and an iSpy birds book
    • An Explorer Dome to see minibeasts in close up
    • Some Top Turmp bugs cards
    • Wildlife in Your Garden book by Mike Dilger 

    For the bigger prize there's so much stuff we couldn't even fit it all on this picture!: 

    It includes:

    • A hogilo hedgehog home and some food
    • Two bird feeders and a bird feeding station to mount them on
    • A pair of binoculars for adults
    • Two pairs of binoculars for kids
    • A bat detector - picks up the sounds bats make and tells you the frequency. From this you can find out what the species is (cool ey?).
    • A wildlife camera trap - find out what creatures visit your garden while you're away. 
    • Classic Apex bird box
    • A book of 365 outdoor activities
    • Buggy nibbles, mealworms and lots of other bird food

    You'll also receive a £50 Aldi voucher, thanks to our partner - Aldi Supermarkets - who have made the Wild Challenge possible.  

    It's a simple prize draw of all the people who achieve an award in April (terms and conditions apply).

    So what are you waiting for? Sign up and take part this April and you could be a winner.  


  • Go on a mini safari in your garden

    We went to a school near our HQ and asked the children a couple of questions: 'what lives in your garden?' and 'what would you like to see in your garden?'. This is what they said:

    They made us smile anyway. 

    You might not find many wolves in your garden - not the furry four legged kind anyway - but you may well find an eight-legged wolf spider.

    Image of wolf spider (AKA 'the boss of the garden') by Will George

    Similarly look out for dragonflies if you live near still water and the beautiful tiger moth if you go on a garden bug hunt at night.

    Get started on your adventure here: https://ww2.rspb.org.uk/kids-and-schools/kids-and-families/wild-challenge/activities/go-on-a-bug-safari/ 


  • Teaming up with Twirlywoos

    Many of you with young kids will be familiar with the Twirlywoos.

    For those of you who don't know them, they're bird-like creatures that live in a boat, obviously! You can see them on their adventures on CBeeBies.

    Now the Twirlywoos have teamed up with the RSPB to raise awareness about people's growing disconnection with nature.

    To do this they carried out research into how good people in the UK are at identifying native birds.

    The results showed some encouraging signs eg 9 out of 10 knew a swift was a bird, but there's definitely room for improvement, some people thought the red kite was a batman villain.

    Here's our very own James Harding-Morris on the streets of London testing the unsuspecting public on their bird knowledge:

    Take the test

    Test your own bird knowledge and get some free resources to help your kids here

    What next

    In response we're helping families learn more about all kinds of wildlife through the Wild Challenge.

    Bird watching, wildlife surveys and many other activities count as a tick on your way to achieving bronze, silver or gold and all activities include resources and step-by-step instructions.   

    Why not have a browse for yourself?