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Are you sitting comfortably?

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then I'll begin.  How many times have you heard that phrase - for me as a young girl watching Jackanory and waiting with baited breath for the latest instalment of a story - and then counting the hours until the next programme to find out what happened next. 

And so at Loch Frisa - we begin the next instalment of the story of  Skye and Frisa - only its not fiction, its real life.  Well I am delighted to report that Frisa and Skye are now settled on to their nest  and we are in the midst of watching them closely.  Everything so far is going well and as it should.  Mull Eagle Watch is in full swing and our nests are now under the watchful eye of a team of locals and volunteers.

If any of you use Twitter, there is now a dedicated account for Skye and Frisa - their address is @SkyeandFrisa - and you can keep up to date with the goings on at Loch Frisa as well as Mull's other sea eagles.

I am sure you will all join me in crossing everything possible for Skye and Frisa this year.


Frisa - female sea eagle - photo Debby Thorne



Frisa, our female sea eagle - photo Debby Thorne











The one really important change this year is that trips will start from the north end of Loch Frisa.    The meeting point is on the Tobermory to Dervaig road - the signs are in place and details can be found at Mull Eagle Watch  Bookings can be made via our friends at the Visitor Centre at Craignure on 01680 812556.

This morning as I drove up the track this morning, I was delighted to see 6 sand martins flying over the loch - what a welcoming sight.  We were lucky to see a pair of grey wagtail and a pair of bullfinch too as well as the usual flock of siskins and chaffinches on the feeders.  The black throated divers and curlew are calling too and we had a great view of a male goldeneye and goosander. 

Its that time of year when there is so much activity - we are seeing flocks of grey lag geese heading off to their breeding grounds and watching the arrival of our summer visitors such as the sand martins and swallows.  I wonder how long it will be before we hear our first cuckoo?  And of course, the days are longer now - with the clocks changing at the weekend, it was gone 8.00pm here before it started getting dark.

The latest news on Kellan - the Garnett family are great supporters of our sea eagles and were delighted to catch sight of Kellan having a good old feed - its great when our visitors take the time to let us know of any eagle sightings - each snippet of data is valuable and helps us fill in tiny pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle.

And finally, just heard some incredible news - The Lady of the Loch, or Marge, depending which website you follow, the oldest osprey has returned to Loch of the Lowes for the 21st time - absolutely amazing. 

Stand by for the next thrilling instalment!

Debby Thorne

White Tailed Eagle Information Officer

Isle of Mull





  • Hi - this year the meeting point is at the north end of Loch Frisa - its about a 3.5 mile drive down forestry track to our observation point (the same track you came down last year but only from the north end)

  • hi debby been reading your blog and you say its a different entrance to the hide this year is it still very uneven terrain we came on the scooter last year and had to catch a lift with the ranger who met the group! was just trying to make our plans many thanks

  • Thanks Debby, - I have signed the petition.

    Just a quick question, - when did Frisa lay her eggs last year? I was just wondering when we might have news!   Hope all well on Mull, and that you are enjoying some sunshine.

  • Thank you Debby-hope Mull is enjoying the weather and it stays better for egg sitting. 21 degrees on the south coast today.


  • Thanks Debby I have signed and Ann will tomorrow.

  • Please consider signing the petition to save Strathclyde Wildlife Co-ordinator Post -

    This post has certainly helped in the protection of Skye and Frisa, and the rest of Mull's wildlife over the years.

    Thank you

  • Hi Jillian - its about 3.5 miles from the meeting point to the observation point - we dont have our big posh hide in place at the moment - you can find more details here

    Its still on the Forestry track so should be ok for a motorhome.


  • If you check on google and then onto streetview the sign at the north end can be seen and a little car park to wait for Debby to show us the way to the hide.

    Can Debby confirm if it is a similar distance then to the hide as approaching from the other end, and is the road still suitable for a motorhome still?

    Thanks Debby.


  • Thank you Debby - and yes, not only fingers  and toes crossed, I'm crossing my eyes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi - as you can see in my blog above, it mentions that the meeting point for trips to the hide this year will be from the NORTH end of Loch Frisa - it is on the Tobermory to Dervaig road B8073 and is well signposted.  There is NO access from the south or Aros end of Loch Frisa.

    Cirrus - regarding your query about the 2nd egg last year, our only theory as to why it didnt hatch was that it probably got cold - you may recall that the first egg hatched but sadly the chick perished over night following a spell of really severe weather of snow, hail, and strong northerly winds.  For the first ten days or so, the chicks are unable to control their body temperature so if they get cold and wet, they chill and can perish which is was we believe happened to Skye and Frisa's first chick.  This year we are crossing everything.

  • Jillian think it will be on the Tobermory to Dervaig road as that was where it was about 5 years ago,just after a quite steep but short hill turn into a large parking and greeting area on the left,all assuming you going from Tobermory,hope perhaps Debby confirm it for you.  

  • I have posted about this problem on the Report Technical faults forum, but please can anyone else confirm that they cannot 'Subscribe' via the RSS or Atom feeds to Mull Eagles ? (so that each new blog automatically downloads into one's browser )

    Also, because Iwas without a PC for a few months I missed the blog that MAY have explained why Frisa and Skye's second egg didn't hatch LAST YEAR . Debby did say in one blog that they would be investigating. So, anyone with any info on the subect plese would you comment and thank you in advance.

  • It's all happening, going to check how to get to you from the north end to see them in July. Fingers crossed.

    A mixed week for bird webcam watchers. After a new male turned up at the Shepherdstown nest mum and the correct dad were unable to get food in so we lost a 3 day old chick and an egg. Then EJ and the fabulous Lady arrived to claim their nests back. Have just read the news about Frisa and Skye after following the Carolina Raptor centre eagle cam for about 7 weeks. Unfortunatly one of the chicks has died suddendly at about 3 weeks old, so sad as the nest is in a refuge. Am routing for all the other chicks I am watching and eagerly awaiting the return of the boys at loch garten and loch lowes.


  • Great news Debby that Frisa and Skye are settled in a nest and hopefully will have success this year.  Also Kellan seems to be doing so well so things looking positive.

    It was great news from Loch of the Lowes didn't think we would ever see again after she left last year.  Hope the Laird turns up again because after a rather dodgy start he turned out to be one of the best, taking over when the female was so ill.

  • Great news all round then Debby!

    I do hope Skye and Frisa manage to have eggs and young and young that fledge successfully this year and that the weather will be kind to them.

    Such great news about Marge....I hope her mate from last year comes back as they were such a great team last year and he was very fond of her you could tell and what a new man he was.... feeding the chicks when Marge couldn't :)))