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We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

Mull Eagle Watch

Follows the fortunes of Mull's white-tailed eagles and the Isle's other fascinating wildlife
  • An Unwelcome Visitor at the nest

    23rd August 2018

    At West Ardhu Eagle Watch, we are having the odd sighting of an immature white-tailed eagle who is obviously very inquisitive about what’s going on in the nest.

    One day, it went as far as to sit in the nest tree, peering down at the eaglet in the nest before Hope crashed in to chase it off. The nearby group of five kestrels also joined in!

    The intruder lands in the nest tree and peers down at the eaglet on the nest

    Hope to the rescue!

    The intruder leaving... only to circle back again


    One of the eaglets escaping the commotion


    We are still running tours until the end of September so to book on one, call the VisitScotland iCentre on 01680 812556.

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    RSPB Community Information and Tourism Officer

  • Soggy eagles (and visitors) at Wet Ardhu!

    20th August 2018

    Where did all that lovely weather go?

    I’m, once again, living in waterproof overtrousers and boots which have been damp for days. However I can’t help but pity the eagles more than myself as they sit sheltering under branches, holding their wings out to dry.

    Hope drying off her wings

    Star drying out


    An eagle on the drive home! Possibly Hope from West Ardhu

    Despite the dismal weather, our eagles have still been going about their daily business to the delight of cheerful but sodden visitors. We’ve seen Hope and Star bringing food back to nest and the eaglets flying around and even perching closer to us to investigate!

    Hope bringing food back to the nest in talons and beak!


    Star bringing home some food

    One of the eaglets stretching its wings

    So, even on the dismal days, we are still seeing good action (although tours may be cancelled if the visibility is too bad due to the rain/cloud). We are still running tours until the end of September so to book on one, call the VisitScotland iCentre on 01680 812556.

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    RSPB Community Information and Tourism Officer

  • Fledging, flapping and flying chicks at West Ardhu Eagle Watch

    31st July 2018

    Alongside tours at Craignure and Tiroran, Mull Eagle Watch is now running tours at the West Ardhu eagle watch at Dervaig, owned by North West Mull Community Woodland Company.

    We return to Hope and Star, the pair we watched here last year. They have successfully raised and fledged two chicks again, which are now 14 weeks old, and we’ve been seeing lots of action even in our first week here!

    The two chicks in the nest

    The more confident chick is taking short flights along the treeline and exploring the vast range of perching spots whilst the other remains close to the nest.

    Chick flying

    We’ve seen Hope bringing in what looks like a shag for the now adult-sized chicks to tuck into whilst Star brought back what looked like a measly lump of meat for them to fight over.

    Hope bringing a bird back to the nest

    And there is an immature white-tailed eagle which keeps making an appearance, often to be shooed off by Hope and Star. But an extra eagle never hurts on tours!

    We’re also seeing buzzards mobbing the eagles, sparrowhawks whizzing around clutching prey, plenty of kestrels chasing each other, a few great-spotted woodpeckers and lots of siskins on the feeders.

    Buzzard at West Ardhu

    A juvenile great-spotted woodpecker at the feeders

    Siskins at the feeders

    Even though our chicks have fledged, they'll be hanging around for a while yet and we'll be running tours until the end of September.

    Our family/dog-friendly tours are running at 11am and 2pm Sunday-Friday at North West Mull Community Woodland Company Eagle Watch.

    Prices: Adults, £10 (Including RSPB members) and Children, £5. Family of four is £25. Locals go free.

    At Craignure Golf Club, we are running a coastal wildlife watch where we are seeing eagles, breeding terns, waders, seals and even the odd otter! This site is ideal for daytrippers.

    Booking is recommended and is done through the VisitScotland Craignure iCentre in person or on 01680 812 556/377. And please inform of any mobility issues.

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