February, 2012


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

Notes on nature

We love nature... from every little bug on a blade of grass to birds, butterflies, otters and oaks!
  • Monday's Magic Moment: a grey day

    I feel I should start by clarifying that I don't have anything against Mondays. In fact, I generally get on very well with them. But just occasionally they make me feel a little crotchety.

    But you know what? That's totally okay. Because even in moodiness it's possible to find beauty as this great shot of a double rainbow against a gloomy grey sky shows.

    Double rainbow covering mountain range on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

    Whether you want to brighten your mood, or wallow with me, there are plenty of photos on RSPB Images to suit your mood this Monday morning.

    What sort of mood are you in?

  • This weekend... get a real buzz

    On a stroll around The Lodge today, it felt like spring! There was warmth from the sun, birds were singing all over the place, and a surprising number of insects had ventured out and about.

    If the weather's good for you this weekend, watch out for creatures like honeybees (as in the photo above), bumblebees, ladybirds and maybe even butterflies. The bees and butterflies will appreciate any early-flowering plants you have. We've got loads of wildlife gardening advice for you in our Homes for Wildlife project.

    Have a great weekend!


  • Monday's Magic Moment: leap to it...

    I'm sure that it's not escaped your attention that this year is a leap year? And, if this photo by David Tipling is anything to go by, our hares are getting into the spirit of things!

    Hares boxing in spring. Photo by David Tipling (www.rspb-images.com)

    They're easier to see at this time of year, before the farmland crops and grasses grow tall. And keep your eyes peeled for boxing females, March isn't far away, so they're sure to start sparring in earnest anytime soon.

    As well as this one, there's thousands of other brilliant nature images over at RSPB Images. Taken by some of the UK's top nature photographers, they're all available to buy, too!