November, 2012


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

Notes on nature

We love nature... from every little bug on a blade of grass to birds, butterflies, otters and oaks!
  • Monday's Magic Moment: bring me sunshine!

    Are you in need of a bit of warmth and sunshine after what's been a wet weekend for much of the UK? This gorgeous robin, taken by Kaleel Zibe from RSPB Images, is just the thing to brighten your morning!

    Let's hope the weather picks up soon...

  • This weekend...natural decorations

    Add that extra sparkle to your home and show-off your creativity and skills to friends and family this weekend.

    Nature has an abundance of materials that with little effort can be transformed into unique decorations.

    Over a couple of quick lunchtime walks around the The Lodge this week, I've managed to amass a good armful of pine cones, and I've even found some great things to do with them! Pine cone amongst leaf litter

    Three things to do with a pine cone

    • tie some string tightly around one of the pine cone scales and loop the ends - perfect to hang from a Christmas tree branch
    • remove the scales of the pine cone and place them into a glass jar or bowl. Add a few drops of your favorite fragrant oil, and you've made you're very own potpourri!
    • I really like this idea - make pine cone photo frames. For an added festive feel I think I'll use old wrapping paper rather than photos of my family, and hang these up to decorate my tree.

    Put pruned vegetation to good use

    • Allium seedheads strung in front of a window throw great shadows. They can even double up as the 'star' at the top of your tree!
    • twist ivy/other evergreen foliage together with wire to create a rope, then loop this around a bannister, or hang from your wall
    • make a festival wreath - for this you'll need to find some bendy twigs (willow, hazel, and dogwood are all good). Cut, twist and bring together the stems in a loop and tie the ends together with twine. Add more stems until you have a solid base, which you can then deorate with evergreens eg holly, ivy, and bay by weaving or tying into this. Then on top of this you can add berries for a splash of colour. Don't forget to add a loop of twine to your finished masterpiece so that you can hang it up!

    So, there are a few ideas from me. What ideas can you creative people come up with?

    Close up of ivy

  • Monday magic moment: frost in close-up

    Some of you further north may have already had a touch of frost this year, but as I went to my car yesterday evening and was forced to get the rough side of my squeegee out to remove the ice, it definitely felt like winter for the first time.  

    This macro image of frost shows us the crystallisation of water in amazing detail and is evocative of all things winter. This is another example of a great photo taken just up the road from where I'm sitting. 

    See shots like this, and others on a massive range of natural subjects at