May, 2014


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

Notes on nature

We love nature... from every little bug on a blade of grass to birds, butterflies, otters and oaks!
  • Monday's magic moment: Boom time at Minsmere...

    It's back!

    BBC Springwatch returns to our TV screens tonight, and this time it's live from our wildlife-rich Minsmere nature reserve. This sliver of sandy heathland, shady woodland and reedy wetland sits alongside on the Suffolk coast. 

    The wetlands, flooded during World War Two as protection against invasion, are home to some iconic species. Avocets, marsh harriers and bitterns all live here. Bitterns are the most elusive of the three, but hopefully the BBC's Springwatch team will find them and beam them into your living room. Here's a picture of a one in case they don't:

    Bittern on edge of reeds. Photo by Andrew Parkinson (

    Minsmere is where I first fell in love with nature. I used to visit with my Dad as a youngster. I hope watching Springwatch from Minsmere does the same for you.

    This photos is from RSPB Images. Why not browse our online library and find one that makes you smile.

  • Monday's magic moment: Time for reflection...

    Happy Monday!

    For no other reason than I saw some house martins hanging around my road this weekend, and I think this picture is awesome, I thought I'd pick it as today's Monday moment. 

    This image by Peter Cairns shows off a pair of rather dapper house martins. I always think it's almost like they're dressed up in dinner suits ready for a party. And in this image you can see their feathery legs and feet perfectly.

    It's just about time for house martins to start collecting the mud that they'll mould into the cup-shaped nests under eaves up and down the country. Look out for them soon. Or you can help, by putting up your own.

    Two house martins. Photo by Peter Cairns (

    This stunning photo is from RSPB Images, our online collection of thousands of wildlife images. Take a look and find something to make you smile...

  • Monday's magic moment: stay away!

    This nightjar has broken its usual camouflage to bravely protect its nest from an approaching adder; our only venomous snake.

    It's making itself look as big as possible, and that massive mouth might just be enough to give the snake pause for thought.


    If you're very lucky, and near some heathland, you might hear one of these 'churring' through the night while on your Big Wild Sleepout (coming up in June).

    Well done to David Tipling for capturing this rare and compelling moment for our image archive