July, 2014


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

Notes on nature

We love nature... from every little bug on a blade of grass to birds, butterflies, otters and oaks!
  • Monday's magic moment: it was all yellow...

    Phew, what a scorcher!

    The weekend was certainly glorious in my neck of the woods. I was looking for a nice yellow picture in homage to the end of the Tour de France yesterday. So I thought I'd bring a little ray of sunshine with this sunflower. Happy Monday!

    Sunflower - photo by David Osborn (www.rspb-images.com)

    This is one of thousands of images from RSPB Images - our online picture library. Take a look and bring some sunshine into your life!

  • Monday's magic moment: a summer splash of colour

    The yellow on the golden oriole hits you and straight away and makes you think: that's way too bright for the UK, it would stick out like a sore thumb among our usually more (ahem) subtly coloured birds.  

    But for the privileged few that live in or visit the right bits of England you might get to see one of these almost luminous males in the summer. Oddly enough they are actually quite secretive and difficult to see out  in the open.

    Golden oriole by Richard Brooks (rspb-images.com)

    From a recent visit to France I must confess I'm still in smug-mode after having a pair of these nest right outside my lodgings. 

    Richard Brooks had to travel to Greece to get a shot of this beauty, but it posed pretty well for him in the end. Why not have a look for some more splashes of colour in our wildlife image archive rspb-images.com 

  • Monday's magic moment: our viper

    The unmistakable diamond-back pattern of the adder is a wonderful thing to behold. But even if you're a fan of these reptiles, when you see one there's still a part of your brain that remembers with a jolt: 'that thing's poisonous!'.

    With it being the only member of the viper family in the UK, and among very few venomous creatures in the British Isles, it presents an unusual encounter for most of us.

    However, they are very unlikely to strike a human unless harassed so when I saw one the other day, after moment's pause (and with no intention of harassment), I could happily just look and think 'that's so cool'. 

     Adder on moss in Suffolk by Kevin Sawford www.rspb-images.com  

    Kevin Sawford of RSPB-images.com has done a great job here of capturing this adult adder in its favoured heathland habitat.

    Why not have a browse of our online image archive and soak up some other great wildlife moments.