November, 2014


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

Notes on nature

We love nature... from every little bug on a blade of grass to birds, butterflies, otters and oaks!
  • Monday's magic moment: a touch of gold

    Goldcrest. Image by Steve Round (

    Tiny. Minute. Small.

    Describe its size how you will, but goldcrests pull in a crowd. I was helping out at a bird ringing demonstration this weekend, and the goldcrests were the star attraction.

    For some of the satisfied punters it was the first time they'd seen a goldcrest, let alone up so close. They vie with firecrests for the UK's smallest bird and the ones we caught weighed in at around five grams.

    Five grams!

    Just think, that's less than the weight of a pound coin! And some goldcrests take on a perilous crossing of the North Sea, leaving Scandinavia and crossing to the UK. Don't you think that it's amazing that a bird so small can make that journey?

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  • Monday's magic moment: pitchoo!

    Pitchoo! Pitchoo!

    That's the call of the marsh tit, the star of this week's Monday magic moment. It looks very, very similar to its relative, the willow tit, but the marsh tit's sneezing call can be a giveaway clue to its identity.

    At this time of year, marsh tits and other woodland birds are making the most of the seeds and nuts on offer. Marsh tits' brains are specially developed to help them remember where they've hidden their food!

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  • Monday's magic moment: a field of poppies

    With yesterday being Remembrance Sunday, I thought it was the perfect time to find a picture of some poppies.

    Whilst we pause to remember all those who have lost their lives, this farmland scene might make us remember the wildlife we've lost from our countryside too.

    I was out on farmland yesterday, enjoying the late autumn sunshine at Hope Farm, the RSPB's arable farm in Cambridgeshire. There weren't any poppies, but plenty of birds - yellowhammers, reed buntings and even tree sparrows were all feeding in the fields and on berry-laden hedgerows. The good news is that with some simple measures our birds can be brought back. And that's also worth remembering!

    Roe deer in field of poppies. Image by Kevin Sawford (

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