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Mostly Moths

  • Winter moth! Yes the female is a poor relation of the male in terms of dress sense! Very dowdy & can't fly! I've had a few lately too.

  • Good works going on here H ... 

  • Thanks Wendy, you've helped to remind me that I've promised to write a Synopsis in French on all the info in English that we've found out about the ideal conditions needed for growing the plants & also the grasses needed to complement the Hogs weed, for the egg laying. It's one of those "round toit" jobs, need one for Xmas! LOL

    Not much happening here outside with too much moon the last few days but hopefully might get something again soon. My days are packed with doing ID's of other peoples moths for the Catalogue, had around 600 sent recently! It's the last year of prospections & we sent out a message the other day that we wanted them all in by the end of january & so 3 people all sent a load at once. Ugh!

  • Reminded me too that I never did get a reply from EWT as to whether they found any FEM's in their last search ... I shall ask again & this may be more info for your report!

    My Winter task is to sort through all my pics & catalogue what ID's I already know & prepare a folder full of unknowns for harassing you with at some later date!

    Have a new 20W blacklight curly bulb & wanderlight holder at the ready for any odd mild night there may be!

  • My new bulbs have arrived so I'm keen to get some traps going. I did my usual at home last night as it was quite warm, & ended with 7 moths of 4 species. Will post photos later. Whats a wanderlight holder? A lead-light?

  • Yup!  Old fashioned name for it!  Just been plotting & planning & found large tall glass jar (ex Sarson's vinegar) to invert over bulb & holder to waterproof it without reducing brightness!

  • Yes, I'm trying to find different ways of doing things. The weather is cold & grey now so not much going on & walks reduced! These are a few of mine from the last trap, a pretty micro Acleris hastiana

      4 Winter moths

    a Horse Chestnut

    a Mottled Umber

    & finally in the house, one of my favourites a Twenty-plume moth

    Can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive!

  • I put in two raised beds for growing vegetables this year and noticed an increase in butterflies of the white variety, especially around my cabbages and broccoli. I also bumped into a gentleman at Loch Leven this year who told me that the caterpillars of the Large White butterfly like to crawl up walls and pupate over winter under ledges? This has got me to thinking that I could maybe hand over one of my raised beds to the Butterflies and Moths. The plan may be to build two ‘add on’ walls, one at each end of the raised bed, with an enclosed ledge at the top of each wall. I could then plant it full of cabbages and leave them to the Butterflies and Moths while my other raised bed could be netted over for the dinner plate. Has anyone heard of this before? If so, how high do you think the walls should be? I’m quite sure that Spiders would move into the ledges but does anyone know if the spiders would kill the caterpillars? I’ve added a photo of the proposed bed to be used, and I also hired an architect to come up with a representation of what I’m thinking of doing at each end of the bed. Any insights or suggestions would be welcome.

    The bed in question....

    The architects final draft of the proposed walls (not to scale).!!

    Please note that no Caterpillars were hurt during the creation of this document. :-)

  • Sounds brilliant Paul & no reason why it wouldn't work. The architects initials wouldn't be PA would they?

    Yes we get caterpillars crawling up the walls of the house to pupate under the window cills. They are not near to the cabbages though, so it may not be necessary to build said wall close by, unless you want somewhere to grow some attractive climbing plants. It is tricky to tell the butterlies & moths which one's are theirs though. Ron picks off all the caterpillars from the cabbages (which we eat) & we put them on the comfry (which we don't eat & is a bit of a nuisance). Only last week he removed 80 from the cabbages (& he tell's me he checks them regulary). These were some of the bigger one's!

    You could also have Bindweed growing for Plume moths. Our tomatoes in the greenhouse were ravaged by Golden Twin-spot this year, so the odd tomato plant too. Perhaps you could sprinkle a wild-flower mix there, or do you have a wild flower spot in the garden already?

    Good plan for the new year anyway!

  • I did a moth trap a couple of nights ago when it was due to be drizzly but warm. So I set it up under the old plastic table, with a plastic sheet covering the top to stop the rain running through the parasol hole, & chocked up on one end to make the water run off quicker. 

    There were only a couple of moths inside but several on the wall behind & more on the house wall nearby or under the egg boxes. I ended up with about 20 moths of 4 different species, not bad for 23 december.

    EDIT. I've started a new thread for 2017 here

  • Silver Ground Carpet?

    Straw Dot?

  • Wrong year thread D!

  • Ooops lol

    At least it's bumped it back up so we can all reminisce lol

  • Good get out!  Actually do pop back quite often to see if H has already ID'd what I am going to post this year as 'don't knows' ... which is most of them! Lol

    Looks good for SD to me!

  • Any ideas on this anyone?