Robins for MC


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Robins for MC

  • Can't get enough of all these Robins you are so lucky Hazy and Alan, such characters.

  • Good to see an old friend back at the feeders on my patch for the Winter.

    First arrived Jan 2016

    Extra info on the ringing..
    It was ringed as at least a one year old on the 4th Oct 2015 at 7:30am by Sorby Breck Ringing Group at Bondhay farm, Whitwell...about 3 miles away.

  • Great to see one of your regular robins return and it's good to hear the history on this robin;  it's doing ok to get to at least 4 years so must be all that good homemade pastry and seed treats doing the trick lol   Lovely photos although Robbie needs to get his new toupee sorted next time lol

  • That is good news Alan, very interesting to learn it's history and see it doing well.

  • Useful to have a ringed bird. Certainly helps with ID and movement.

  • Bright colours and the birds are singing … must be Spring … er???

  • Just lovely Nigel, are they just finding their voices after the moult?

  • Booootiful captures Nige!

  • gaynorsl
    are they just finding their voices after the moult?

    No idea, but I'd certainly be pretty happy to get the moult finished and over with :)

  • Can't quite tell Nigel, but your singing Robin appears to have pointed tips on its tail feathers, meaning it is a juvenile. I have noticed my Robins are all singing now and it is the more reedy song associated with this time of year. Youngsters with their new adult plumage and recently moulted adults are now competing for territories, so that will account for much of the singing imho

  • I would like to say that I have heard Titch with his reedy song MC but I have noticed a different behaviour for the last month.   Instead of visiting every day he dropped down to just twice this last month, and the last visit was a week yesterday, definitely him as he entered the shed and took pastry from me.   I wonder if he has lost this territory and as I have seen another robin in the garden, this one not friendly at the moment,  so I have the feeling that he has given up the garden to maybe the female, and wonder if this is what BR did those years ago when he disappeared?  

  • monkeycheese
    Youngsters with their new adult plumage and recently moulted adults are now competing for territories

    Not actually seen a fight yet, but lots of Robins chasing and being chased, so competition is obviously running high at the moment. 

  • I think you will hear more singing rather than seeing any physical disputes. Although this is only my own observation, most of the disputes that I have seen which involve physical posturing and chasing around the garden tend to happen in the lead up to breeding season. Again, that is only what I have observed. An extended stay at Leighton Moss would afford me the opportunity of gathering more accurate data...