Mostly Moths 2017


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Mostly Moths 2017

  • I thought I'd start a new thread for 2017 & THIS is a link to the previous thread. To newcomers, all are welcome & you can post your moths, identified or not, on here. Any items related to moths too & of course caterpillars (all contributions of caterpillars welcomed by Wendy who is their substitute mum!)

    Here are my first of the year, one from yesterday morning on the door, White-speck,

    Which encouraged me to do a trap under the garden table & the White-speck came back along with a Black-spotted Chestnut

    Unfortunately they were both dead, no sign of the spider, but it may be living under the garden table. Ah well, I suppose we all have to eat! I don't think I'll be doing another one for a while, this is just 2 or 3 warm days before it gets cold again.

  • Hi H, Happy New Year & thanks for starting us off ... rescued this one from the bath last night, very lively & fuzzy pic through glass tumbler!

    Only a House Moth but at least alive! Lol

  • Hi Wendy & happy New Year to you & yours too!

    What do you mean ONLY a House moth!! Anyway, I think it's more like an Agonopterix but it may end up as sp because it's a bj. Have a look here

  • Ha ha ... lots to learn still teacher!!

    Still in my kitchen somewhere ... will try to find & get a better pic!

  • I think you might need a sharp knife to sort it out! LOL

  • Oh no!! Not one of those investigative procedures H ... Let's just have 'best guess's! Lol

  • Yup! Mine all still have their bit's & pieces in tact!

  • I managed a trap at the end of January under the garden table & got an Early Grey

    I did another trap 2 days later & got the same one plus a couple of micros, Eudonia angustea, around a lot in the winter. I think the weather needs to get a bit better, it's been very cold & now it's wet & very windy. Roll on Spring!

  • That's posh H ... nowt here (not even in the bath), couple of mild but wet nights followed the freeze but now back to very cold & frosty for a while!  Quite missing the activity!

  • The last few days have been very springlike & moths are coming out in force, a few from home traps,

    a Pale Brindled Beauty

    a Mottled Grey


    & a new micro for me Acleris literana

    I also went out to the reserve with the intention of staying staying the night in the camper but the temperature plummeted to 3°C & the moths dried up so I came home, but I had a chance to try out my new bulb 40W 12V runs straight off the battery, its a power saving bulb so much more powerful,

    It should work well on warmer nights! I had my other trap too & jogged between the 2 to keep warm, but not much new apart from this lovely Salamander that came to see what was going on

    I had to be very careful not to run over it when I left! Then last night I put out 2 traps at home to compare their performance & got a few more different one's,

    a March moth

    Spring Usher

    Oak Beauty

    & Waved Umber

    & finally a Common Quaker

    So that's it folks, the season has well & truly kicked off. Hurrah!


  • Well H, what a haul ... am sooo green here!

    Read a few reports with pics on Twitter too, must get my act together especially as it's turned milder & light winds here, must try out my new bulb!

    Checked on my 'Elephant' tonight, never looks anything but dead so I gently pressed his 'tummy' & he wiggled his tail!!!  Made me jump of course! Lol

  • What a good start to 2017 Hazel,  some beauties there

    Checked on my 'Elephant' tonight, never looks anything but dead so I gently pressed his 'tummy' & he wiggled his tail!!!  Made me jump of course!

         lol Wendy  !!!   

  • Even tail wiggling isn't proof of living, I tried cutting steaks once from a freshly killed Sturgeon & every time I went through the spine it flapped it's tail. I was a bag of nerves by the time I finished! LOL

  • Ooooooh!  sooo glad it wasn't me H!!!

    I will live in hope that he is still with us! Can't wake him up yet, too too early!

  • No you just have to be patient, not my strong point! LOL