Mostly Moths 2017


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Mostly Moths 2017

  • It looked better than in that photo Wendy that's why I didn't post it in my first post.

  • This was my latest male LBAM on 28th Oct (thought I should have a pic of one for this year!)

    Female from the other day

  • WendyBartter
    have had quite a few different Tortrix varieties over the past week,

    These are from October

    This is the only pic I have of this one H (remember I posted it earlier for an ID?)

    Not sure of any of these yet, still trawling through google images!

  • I think yours are all LBAM Wendy, the blackish bit on the bottom inner corner of the wing looks significant & is in all of them (including one from the other day).

    Not sure about Alans!

  • Thanks H, didn't realise they were quite so variable!

  • Have a look here Wendy,

    & here

  • Good breakfast reading there H ... poor Moths, ouch! Lol

    A reply from Steve

    **Epirrita - I've never got round to photographing the business end of the November moth species.  Years ago I checked the male bits by exposing them under a hand lens to identify - I found brushing away a few scales to expose them helpful.

    You may find some of the images useful on Norfolk Moths -**

  • Addition to LBAM pics, I came across this unusual one whilst sorting through 2016 pics

    Male on 11th Aug, must have been a hot night1

  • We don't seem to get them around here, doesn't even list them on the local site. You certainly get a nice selection of them Wendy!

  • So reliable here, always a couple at every trap even when nowt else ... I have a weeping crab apple & this year a cherry tree plus all the wild cherry trees round the top of the quarry, got so complacent that I stopped taking pics for an age!

  • Another from the archives, female LBAM 23rd Aug 2016, remember being being thrilled to see this pose so soon after the male 'exposed' himself! Lol

  • I think you've cornered the market in them Wendy! They are very attractive the way they spread their wings out. Not sure I'd fancy the larvae in my apples though! LOL

  • A surprise happening here today in that I came across a newly emerged Ruby Tiger Moth in one of my containers which I had thought contained an overwintering Buff Ermine!!

    I trawled back through my pics & discovered this one in amongst many unedited & unposted Sep/Oct images

    Quite obviously Ruby Tiger Moth larva but only evident when compared to previous Buff Ermine one

    I remember now that it was found by my neighbour & passed to me with the usual question 'is it poisonous?' Lol

    I gave it dandelion leaves to munch on & it pupated within 24 hours ... although pupation period is 28 days, I fully expected this late pupa to overwinter so was very surprised to see this beauty today, 22 days later (but it was still in the relatively warm lounge)

    The winds were light her this evening & not too perishing cold so I put the opened box in the shelter of covered greenhouse & watched for a while as this lovely moth started to test the air & move outside!

  • Well done Wendy, it's a bit late in the season but there you go. Like you I would have thought it would have emerged in the Spring!

  • WendyBartter
    3rd ONov 2017 Had very big surprise here today when I discovered that a wingless female Vapourer Moth had emerged from chrysalis ... of course I was otherwise occupied when this happened (in front garden pruning straggly white Buddleia!)

    Popped her outside in the fading sun but no male visitors, will try again if sunny tomorrow!

    I really expected her to overwinter ... I have another unrelated one which pupated a few days later, maybe it's a male & will emerge soon?

    I mis-informed you there, in fact they are from the same batch, the only two to hatch on 27th Sep

    5th Oct

    10th ct

    Many more to add until pupation (need sorting)

    However, the second one emerged this lunchtime, another female who will have to wait for a decent weather window tomorrow to go outside & meet a beau!

    ITM, the female from 3rd Nov was successful in mating, had two male suitors, laid two batches of eggs in separate areas ... vids of males visiting to follow!