Mostly Moths 2017


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Mostly Moths 2017

  • Here is vid of the mating with the second male (first male vid corrupted unfortunately) & female laying her eggs!

    One amazing fact is that as the cam was in kitchen trained on female & recording any action, I was in lounge looking out for Mr K when I saw what appeared to be a small Butterfly fly down from cliff top, along the front of my house & veer left into back garden (approx 40 metres) ... I did have my suspicions & went to kitchen window to see the male Vapourer fluttering around trying to locate the female!!!


    That's it for this year, will overwinter these eggs along with all the other batches & see what happens in the Spring!

  • Talk about Beauty & the Beast! LOL

  • WendyBartter
    That's it for this year,

    What was I thinking of when I wrote that???  Quite forgot the second Vapourer pupa ... another female emerged on 10th November during the evening

    She has been outside for a few hours each day but no male visitors so far!

    Another surprise emergence discovered just after midnight today when I came across a newly emerged Toadflax Brocade Moth

    Around mid-day & drying out to better shape with it's legs in order

    Is going to be a very cold night here but much milder tomorrow so will put out on moth table in shed then so it can make up it's mind when to go!

    There is are two more which pupated earlier than this one, no sign of movement yet!

  • Beautiful moth.I'm not sure it should be emerging now Wendy, normal season from May to August! Hopefully the other 2 will hang on until next year.

    Still getting a few bits & pieces but it's got very cold with frost at night so I'm not going out much in the evening.

  • Definitely too early H but was still in pot in lounge instead of the cool of the shed ... then again, she never made a proper hard cocoon like the previous two, just wedged herself between the kitchen paper & transparent pot side with a few paltry strands of silk & used to wiggle often at the slightest movement or flash of torchlight!

    Weather turned relatively mild today & tonight so I let her fly because she was very fidgety!

  • Female Vapourer was outside on this much milder day today with the cam recording ...  unfortunately I was quite busy & forgot to reset recorder religiously every 16 mins or so ... eventually had to go out on errands so set recorder for last time as I left the house!

    Missed the male visiting this time round but the end of last footage shows her laying eggs on her cocoon after laying a couple to the left first ... she appears to have finished now after laying not so many as others have done before, these will be overwintered in cold shed & others will live in the fridge & see if any hatch next Spring!


  • Some more pics of Toadflax Brocade Moth

    Indoors but anxious to be off

    She flew quite steadily & came to rest on upright decking planks of my steps

    This is the pupal case after she emerged

  • I don't know how you manage to keep up with it all Wendy. I never seem to have time to even think about raising caterpillars!

  • Very time consuming H but I don't do a great deal else! Lol

  • That's not what I heard! LOL

  • ?? Who's been talking ?? Lol

  • I can't reveal my sources, but I reckon I've heard it on here! LOL

  • Tease! Ha ha

  • WendyBartter
    footage shows her laying eggs on her cocoon after laying a couple to the left first ... she appears to have finished now after laying not so many as others have done before,

    But I later discovered that Mrs VM had not done with laying eggs

    Last pic on 14th Nov

    Next day I saw that she had moved to bottom of cocoon & laid some more

    Fascinating that unlaid eggs can be seen still in her upper body!

  • Here's a beastie you wouldn't care to meet up with on a dark & misty night ...