Mainly Mammals


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Mainly Mammals

  • Look who I found in the hanging sunflower heart feeder this evening

  • Ooooops,    you're going to need a bigger feeder!!!

  • Enterprising little critter!

  • Safe from the cat up there!

  • that's a guilty lQQK if ever I saw one  lol !  

  • Cheeky boy. I had a rat climbing the tree to get at a hanging feeder. He failed.

  • Oh the cheeky little thing, you will have to order some more sunflower hearts!

  • Roe Deer at Aberlady.

  • lovely shot Paul with the deer almost hidden amongst the tall grasses, the lighting is beautiful too.

  • Just zoomed in and the Roe Deer is so clear, gorgeous photo Paul.

  • I was lucky enough to watch Otters in Andover, Hampshire regulary a few years ago. And in August 2014 I shot this video. Bare in mind the camcorder I had back then wasnt that good and it was about 6am. But it was one of my best nature moments of all time. The Otter came along the river and headed in a drain. It came back out and we just looked at each other for a few minutes. I think it was sizing me up. It then started hunting for food, every now and then looking at me to make sure I wasnt to close. I spent 33 minutes watching the Otter and uploaded this edited 12 minutes to youtube. It was a privilage to be so close to the Otter. Theres something special about being one to one with a wild animal in the wild. havent seen the Otters much in the last couple of years, but I have always got this special moment.

  • Doubly fortunate John in that you witnessed these lovely moments & had the equipment on which to record, visually reliving Otter's actions whilst being able to share with others, thanks!

  • MC: Your rat, definitely has a look of 'oh you've caught me'!

  • I loved that video John, thanks for posting and letting us share in your special moment.

  • Thanks Wendy. I try and carry my lightweight camcorder with me whenever I am on a nature wander. I was watching out for them, as they were round a lot at the time. We even saw them in the afternoon at times. And this one was in the middle of Andover in the River Anton that runs through the town. In fact, it was just behind the Police station. And the loud bangs in the video are two busy supermarkets getting ready at 6am for opening time. All the best.