A sunny Moss Valley (Sheffield) today and the fields/woods came to life.


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A sunny Moss Valley (Sheffield) today and the fields/woods came to life.

  • One from today. Not the best quality but best I have so far of a buzzard in flight. Seems they are getting together a lot at the moment. This was taken in woodland shot up through the trees where I could see at least 5 of them tree top height. I saw another 5 last week circling together.

  • nice one Bob, they have such lovely underwing markings and such a lovely photo under the blue sky.

  • Always nice to see close-up like that. I suppose they do congregate around thermals, although no idea if they do that more in Autumn ... and can't believe you've had blue sky today as it's been grey and drizzle all day here :(

  • I've just noticed them more together than usual, may be just one of those things. Been grey here all day too. Had maybe half an hour when the clouds moved on and then came back with avengance.

  • Thanks Hazel.

  • A few from today. Sadly couldn't get closer to the birds of prey which was a bit annoying.

  • Fabulous Kestrel and lovely Pied Wagtail against the blue sky.   The grey Squirrel looks like it's tail is holding the red berries:-)

  • Thanks Gaynor. To be honest the squirrel was the best part of todays walk.... munching away and picking the berries off one by one.

  • Very nice Bob,  lots of berries and nuts this season although they seem earlier than usual so maybe during the later winter months the birds/wildlife will be more reliant on our gardens for their food source.     noticed there have been a lot of Red Admirals this year;  we had over a dozen at last count on our oak trunks !

  • Thanks Hazel. Really nice down the country lanes at the moment as the Ivy is still full of butterflies and other insects. Sadly I have cats (well not sadly, love 'em to bits) but it does mean birds stay clear of my garden, except for the odd adventurous blackbird.

  • Not posted for a while so a few from today of varying quality...

  • Beautiful set of photos Bob and love the handsome Stonechats in particular, looks like you had a grand day's visit to Moss Valley. Well done on the Buzzard too and that sweet little Miss Chaffinch at the end.  

  • Thanks Hazel. Fisrt time I've seen stone chats this year and I think thats me thinking they were sparrows (my eyesight is shocking). Buzzard was a hundred yards off or so but still hoping to get closer at some point... seem to get a lot closer to the kestrels.

  • Nice to see your pics again Bob, I like the Cyril hiding in the grass, and the Stonechat is looking good too as is the Buzzard against the blue sky.   Good forecast for this week says Countryfile so good luck with crawling through the undergrowth getting close ups of Buzzards and Kestrels:-)

  • More again today,  lovely afternoon for a walk. Not sure if ones a redpoll or linnet, sure someone will hopefully let me know.