Kingfishers 2017


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Kingfishers 2017

  • Just thought I would start this thread for my Kingfishers and for anyone else to post their sightings.

    It will soon be time for the youngster to hopefully arrive on my patch and with this in mind I took the waders out with me this morning to the pool and put a longer perch in for them, the ones I have already got in are only about 4ft from the water, the new one is probably 10ft.

    After putting it in without falling in I set the scrim up and sat back to see if anyone visited, I didn't think they would fish in it at present as it is covered in large fluffy seeds coming off a tree.

    But within about 30 minutes I heard a splash and this male landed on one of the original perches with a fish, he also decided to land on the one that had a bit of shade on it instead of full sunshine.

    as I said feel free to post any of your own sightings.

  • Lovely jubbly, Alan. You've got your Kingfishers so well trained that they come on demand. It would be lovely to see the youngsters when they fledge.

    I wish I could add something. This morning one flashed past the hide on my patch but that was it. Didn't see it again.

  • Oh, he's a cracker Alan,  looking forward to the updates :)

  • Great idea for a thread.

  • Nice set Alan you lucky man.

  • I doubt I'll be seeing any but will enjoy your postings Alan.  Good start to the season.

  • Is Dingle Nature reserve near you Gaynor?

  • Lovely shots.

    Despite having, I think, 3 pairs around my local patch, they are notoriously difficult to find, let alone, photograph. You never know when and where they'll perch and they tend ignore the branches specifically provided for them close to hides. I guess they have too much choice! I'll keep trying though!!

  • This is just a small pool on my patch Nigel with 3 perches in the water but you can cover all 3 from one spot, I'm not in a hide I'm sat behind some scrim netting about 6 yards away.

  • Hi Alan, yes the Dingle is near home, about six miles I suppose.   I have walked through once with U3A walking group, red squirrels there I know, lovely stream or brook running through too - you're going to tell me that a Kingfisher has been reported there now aren't you!!!????

  • Yep google kingfisher on Anglesey

  • There you go, I shouldn't be surprised because it is a lovely spot and has been maintained well.   A lot of people walk dogs there so I'd have to go early a.m really, will try and talk someone to come along.   Thanks Alan.

    Post Edit.   I have done half the cycle path the other way down towards Malltraeth Marsh - one day I will do it all and take camera to maybe get a shot of the Bittern - that was the plan when I bought the bike:-)

  • I had about 90 minutes at the pool this morning and before I left I took these photos on my phone showing the pool.

    This is the view as soon you as you see the pool with the three small perches and the new long one

    I sit just in the small trees to the right of the photo.

    This one is a bit further around ( i would be sat to the left)

    continuing around walking right , the large bush/tree at the end is where the Kingfisher sometimes fishes from, so I decided to put the long perch in for them.

    and in this last one you can just see my scrim netting in the small trees to the left.

  • and as I packing up I was serenaded, you can just see the perches in the background (taken on my phone)

  • Lovely additions Alan and gives a good feeling for what your local patch looks like.   Fantastic habitat for birds/wildlife so not surprised you get some wonderful sightings.