Fabulous Fence Posts


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Fabulous Fence Posts

  • Definitely not a fence post, but very much a blackbird establishing its territory, on our garden pond fountain!

  • Just came across this thread. Here are a couple of my photos of birds on posts

    A buzzard at Vane Farm ealier this year

    and a BHG at Leighton Moss at the end of May

  • Meadow Pipit

  • stunning photo capture Paul, the clarity is amazing on full screen

  • A well deserved nap after eating twice your bodyweight of seeds.!! :-)

  • lol Paul, they certainly can tuck away the food so good job its perched on a strong post  !    

  • A gorgeous pic of the M Pipit Paul, as Hazy says full screen it is so clear.   I have named your Woodie Billy Bunter - wow what a size.

  • Be thankful that Woodie toooo fat to chase you up a tree PA! Lol

  • Our woodies' legs buckle when they land and they then drag their stomachs towards the feeders. Another one lands on a conservatory roof and falls off to reach the ground. Yet there are times when they glide through the air you could imagine that they were elegant birds.

  • Let's hope there's more water in the pools when we go back in three weeks Jim !

  • We can only hope Hazel.

  • Another Meadow Pipit for the collection. They do like a fence post.

  • A wee bit of brightness on a very dull day.