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Return to Leighton Moss

  • Morning folks,  Mike and I are up in Cumbria for 5 days and visiting Leighton Moss each day;    Jim (forumate) is also here for 3 nights and Jason will be joining us today and staying overnight.

    Each day I will try take some photos with the 300mm on the 7DmkII;   this will get me closer to the subject with crop feature and I can leave off the extender for most part.    

    Day 1        Driving up to Cumbria early-ish and meeting up with Jim on the reserve 8.40am.   

    1st bird who spotted live mealworms was the dunnock, followed shortly by the robin 

    only one male Bearded Reedling turned up and didn't really hang around on the reeds for long so you'll have to put up with a grit tray pic.

    Dunnock spied the mixed bird food on the log and opted for live mealworms  

    Handsome GT

    Classic robin pose 

    I do have a particular soft spot for Coal Tits,   bold little birds for their size  


    A nice light and shade pic and hoping to get more pics in this area if the sunlight is willing ! 

    This robin was happy to remain on Mike's hand and pose for the camera   lol

    Uncle Jim with some mealie treats  .....

    another pic with light effect  

    That's all I've got time for so hopefully a few more pics this afternoon;    we have grey sky and light drizzle at moment so delaying out venture out and enjoying an extra cup of tea in the chalet  :)       

    There was a moment when we were sitting in Grisedale Hide with Jim when one of the top windows (which unfortunately hadn't been locked properly) came crashing down and giving us close to heart falilure;    it was purely by luck we were in the adjacent seat or else we might have ended up with either cracked heads, broken fingers, broken camera/lens  or  the whole caboodle  !!     I will leave Jim to put up a photo I took following the frightening incident.    So pleased there was nobody at that hide window and we reported it to the rspb staff who then went to sort it out.      

    Thankfully, we survive to fight another day   LOL     

  • And here you are getting in first with some pictures and you said we were having a lie in lol

    Nice picture Hazel, not sure if I can better them but I will have a look and see what I find.

    It was a long day for me 19 hours so was shattered after a lovely meal you made for us and letting me share your Internet connection from my cabin, brill idea Hazel.

    Sadly I had to get up at 3.00am must have been all the food I ate at yours most have had to much so got up and had a whisky to knock my out and it did the trick had a nice sleep after that :)

    I will bring a memory stick round later for the picture :) and you never know you might just be making breakfast that would be jammy “excuse to pun” hehehehe

    I will get some of my picture ready to upload later today still a little tired from yesterday and I’m on my second cuppa.

    Later all wish you were hear, got two beds going spare and a space next to me it’s a big bed lol


  • Very jealous of your time with the LM Robins! I notice the first one is ringed. I'm sure that I read somewhere that Robins like to sit in dappled sunlight, but I can't say that I've seen it enough to consider it a fact. Those two pics are lovely.

  • Good to get reacquainted with the LM birds again, Hazel. I'll bet they look forward to your visits knowing what treats you have.

    The photos all look nice and sharp so the combo of the the 7DMk2 and the 300 f2.8 looks to be working well. Good to see the Beardies at any time whether or not on grit trays.

    It was a long day for me 19 hours so was shattered after a lovely meal you made for us

    Crikey Jim, that was a long day. I wouldn't have lasted more than 9 hours.

  • Lovely photos Hazy & lucky that the window incident wasn't serious. The tree-creeper is a very good shot as they never hang around much, must be your titbits!

  • I have a lot more Robin pictures taken today Paul, and most came to hand.

    It was a long day Tony, today has not been to bad but have walked a lot and got some nice pictures even thou I say so, but these will have to wait till I have put some up from yesterday, I am getting some ready to post but this could have happened to me if I had picked that window to sit at :) 


  • I see what you mean, Jim. That could have been very nasty. Look forward to seeing your pics in due course.

  • lol Jim,  it's funny after the event but when you think what could have happened had someone been sitting at the window :(   You put on a good act with that expression !    I'm still trying to rearrange a restaurant for tonight following the power cut  lol

    Who's this Eric Morecambe comic on the causeway ?    !!!

  • HAZY
    Who's this Eric Morecambe comic on the causeway ?

    Where's Ernie? LOL

  • A few more from rogues gallery !  

    our resident comic and who's that guy in the background  photobombing the shot  ?  !!   

    Train arriving at platform 1 is 11.30am from Lancaster  !!          Jason arrives....

  • Ah, there's Ernie. Erm, while Mike is at the counter, mine's a chocolate fudge cake with custard. LOL

    Nice to meet you Jason.

  • Yes, a slice of Chocolate fudge cake sounds delicious! Do they do treacle tart & lemon curd donuts too? Looks like the crazy gang to me, fill them up with soup Hazy!

  • LOL  !  no cake today, sausage bap for breakfast and just returned from restaurant where we had chish and fips - Jason had Cumberland Sausage and bubble and squeak  !   Our restaurant was changed this evening because the one booked had had a power cut all day which was still continuing and booked us into their  sister restaurant in Yealand and all was delicious.    

    It still continues to be like the mad hatter's tea party here lol   Could in fact call it a stag party only I was allowed to join in the fun !!      

  • LOL!

    We had sausage mash & Curly kale tonight with a few caterpillars as side salad, well it's impossible to find them all on Curly kale.

  • lol Hazel,   I think Jason's had curly kale in it too !