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Return to Leighton Moss

  • Well you have all put a smile on my face looking through these photos this morning, great captures from you all and well done on the tree creepers and goldcrests beardies and marsh harrier, good time had by all by the sound of it, thanks for posting.

  • Such a lovely variety of birds and cracking photos from all of you.

    Glad you had a good time meeting up with Forumates. Nice to to enjoy each others company and have a some good laughs.

  • Back home again and still tons of photos, some of which I'll add later.    Come on Jim,  your turn   lol    

  • Lots of good stuff on offer from both of you. :-)

  • I thought you were not home till tomorrow Hazel?

    Got these ready from Wednesday they are not in order so some are taken down on the marsh and some on the reserve.


  • A lovely selection Jim and that Crow is just stunning;   we certainly had a good few days an the weather on the whole was ok, just a little cold on the Wednesday.  

  • Excellent trip report & greatly enjoyable pics ... thanks aitch, thanks JB & thanks Mike for lending your hand to Robins & of course, thanks J for the buffonery! Lol

  • Thanks Hazel, and to say were might have had a bad week with the weather we did ok had to take some clothing off instead of putting it on :)

    Still got yesterdays pictures to go through, I have been that tired with the fresh air I have been slacking a little but will get through them tonight.

    Thank you Wendy, shame I had to come home but it won’t be long before I am back.


  • Ok,  here's my selection ...   think I'm on yesterday's  pics now .......  in muddled order   lol

    starting with Blue Tit who spotted some mealworms  !

    Coal Tit 

    who preferred the sunflower hearts on offer .........

    back at the salt marshes a beautiful Curlew came on a nearby pool island 

    showing you just how beautiful it's tail feathers are    ! 

    "I feel good ...........I feel fine "   ........     do dah du la  tra  la  lah      ♫ 

    heading off and showing those magnificent wings ..............

    feeding log Dunnock 

    seems we're back at the salt marshes again   !!    this was one of the first pics of the morning with dull early morning light and a nice surprise of 5 goosanders near the hide .............    here's a close up of one of them .....

    then there were two !

    then all five .... but not as nice a pic 

    Little & Large next  ............ !! 

    Incoming ......................  but not stopping  !!

    Drake Pintails  - hard to capture these with their heads out of the water   ! 

    another bird feeling good and doing a shake, rattle and roll ............

    Jake's cousin    !  

    greedy guts    !

    Cheeky Marsh Tit 

    Pied Wagtail on the roof of visitor reception 

    a Wren checking for any spare mealworms in the stumpery  ...........

    Robin got there first   !! 

    "Got one the robin didn't see"     tee-hee     !! 

    and you just can't get away from them   !      ........................ 

  • Looks like you all had a great time, will have a better look through all your posts calls!

  • Great additions James, the Crow is superb, and I like the pied waggies, and the little wren also the Curlew and Egret, Nuttie well all of them are just a delight to see.  

  • James
    I thought you were not home till tomorrow Hazel?

          ..........well it was tomorrow when I spoke to you yesterday   LOL 

  • You sneaked those on while I was replying to James!!!!!   The Curlew taking off showing off its wings is fabulous Hazy,and the Egret having a shake too would make it on my wall any day.   The Marsh tit and then the Jay with it's mouth full of peanut and of course Cyril, all fabulous to see.

  • Got mixed up myself the Pictures above on my last post are from Thursdays take and I still have some more to post.

    Wow, very nice Hazel, shame I missed the Goosanders but had to check out and pack my things up into the car, but still had a nice day and still more pictures to show.

    Thank you gaynorsl.


  • Really fantastic pics, it must be fantastic go for birding with all of you to anywhere.

    I would like to ask if somone could explain me the above-metioned expression about the combo of a 300 mm lens with the ¿7Dmkii?. I m sorry my lack of knowledge but i cant understand what you are referring to.