A visit to the Pier


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A visit to the Pier

  • Some shots off, and around Shields Pier.


    Rocky the Rock Pipit, had to keep backing away to get it in focus, nearly fell over it twice :-)

    Gull flyby

    Snow Bunting

    and a Pied Wagtail that was following the Buntings around

    And a shot of a male Eider, where you can actually see its eye!

  • Very nice Terry, and seeing a Snow Bunting Wow, you had a nice day.


  • Lovely pics as always Terry, love the snow bunting, haven't seen one for a while. Oystercatcher looks exactly like one type down here in NZ, they make the same call, other type is all black.

  • Nice set Terry, especially the Snow Bunting - has it been there long and will it be there next week :).

  • Hard to tell Bob,  tho' the Phalarope has been here for about 4 days, and looks quite settled.We usually get the Buntings over a week or so, your luck may be in :-)

  • oooh,  what a treat to see the Snow Bunting especially, they are beautiful birds.   The Rock Pipit sounds amazing, very confiding by the looks of it and love the Oyc and Eider too.  Fine set Terry.

  • What a treat Terry, top of the shop has to be the Snow Bunting of course, but I do like the Eider too with as you say a good look at it's eye.  

  • You nearly always see some nice birds on your trips out, Terry, and this was no exception. The Snow Buntings are lovely little birds so quite envious of those.

  • Nice set of shots, Terry. Nice to see the Snow Bunting.