Another Kez Incl Monkton NR Kestrel Cam


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Another Kez Incl Monkton NR Kestrel Cam

  • How very pretty as well as being highly functional ... IWOOT!

  • I had a prime spot this morning to wait and see if she went hunting, there is a grass bank behind her and below me ideal for her

    but sadly she was spooked off by a dog walker

  • Beautiful shots Alan, what good views you had.

  • You wuz robbed!

    She's such a beauty, thanks for what you got D!

  • Great shots Alan, I went down the park today, no sign of the female, but caught this male as he flew out of the trees near the main road, maybe we have a pairing??

    was a long shot but turned out ok.

  • Well caught Terry it's a beauty.

  • beautiful additions Terry and Alan

  • that's a cracker Jim - looks like an upside down awacs aircraft   lol

  • Thanks Hazel, shame he was facing away from me :(

  • James
    Thanks Hazel, shame he was facing away from me :(

    I reckon they do it on purpose - I'm sure it happens more than is statistically random!! There's probably a website where they put links when they have forced a photographer to take a pic of their ... tail

  • What fantastic Kestrel shots everyone.   Only none here:(

  • Loving Kestrel pics, even moreso cos Mr K gone AWOL again ... reckon he's providing for a nest elsewhere ... again!

  • For a moment I thought the second photo showed two Kessies!!!!! Wishful thinking maybe.