Mostly Moths 2018


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Mostly Moths 2018

  • Never heard of these beauties before

  • One can buy pheromone lures for each specific Clearwing ... I have only tried an Emperor Moth lure but didn't work!

  • These pheromones are very expensive to buy & best done as part of a group. I was offered some but couldn't really set aside enough time to watch them! The moths are lovely though, I've only ever had one

    I'm back off holiday & trying to clear my backlog of photos & work, will be around in a few days with some snaps!

  • This isn't as exotic as that, but I was pleased with these pics of a SIlver Y

    I didn't realise at the time, but no idea what flower it is feeding on - it had been doing the rounds on Cranesbills

  • Lovely clear shots Nige, can't see enough of the flower to ID but it must be nectar rich!

  • As the weather has warmed up so moths to traps have swelled enormously, so much so that I am falling behind with editing & posting ... even moreso now that local reserve running more regular moth nights & me doing pics & cataloguing!

    Will share this with you, a moth species I have been longing to see ... & we had FIVE!!

    Many more lovelies to come ... have on my dining table, in pots for possible eggs, an Oak Eggar & a Poplar Hawk Moth from my trap last night!

  • Goodness Wendy, have you been feeding them magic mushrooms again! LOL

  • Lol H ... was pleased to have actually seen them but such peculiar habits, all this tail-clutching & crawling around as if half-dead when in fact they flew off quite easily, wondered if it was interrupted mating?

  • Am happy now ...


    Added bonus of this beautiful Old Lady last night ...

  • That is brilliant Wendy

  • Pure luck D, walked out front door with cam in hand ready to take pics of moths in trap & there was this beauty right under my nose!

  • So good you did it twice! Well done Wendy.

  • Thanks H, been watching for a couple of weeks now but this one took me by surprise alright!

    Had a right ol' chase round to catch Old Lady as not in good place for pics ... quick pot & she calmed down quickly for photoshoot then let her go!

  • Chimney Sweeper

  • Much nicer name than it's latin one, & appropiate too! Not one I've ever seen.