All about Insects 2018


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All about Insects 2018

  • Dor beetle Angus!

  • WendyBartter

    Dor beetle Angus!

    Thank you, Wendy.  It is a gorgeous beetle. I hope it found a safe hidey hole by the compost heap. We need our beetles.

  • A rather striking fly

    It's neither wasp nor hoverfly but doesn't seem to have a common name, just Conops Quadrifasciatus.


  • I found this on the top of the north embankment of Manor farm. It was on flat ground. The wasp nest looks as if it had been damaged, possibly one of the foxes digging at it, but I can't be sure. I don't remember seeing it until Friday evening.

    A word about the north embankment. To get at gravels beds, Cemex scraped the soil off the top of the land and piled it up into a series of embankments around the quarry. These embankments range in height from roughly 10' (3m) to about 30' (10m) in places. They are a mixture of different soil types, but the tops seem mostly sandy.  Hardly surprising, I reckon, due to it being more sandy the closer you get to the gravel beds.

    I think that once the various ponds have been filled in with a base of spoil, rubble, general building rubbish, etc then the whole lot will be capped by bulldozing the embankments over the land.

  • Do you get Honey Buzzards around there? They love a nice wasps nest.

  • Nigel O

    A rather striking fly

    It's neither wasp nor hoverfly but doesn't seem to have a common name, just Conops Quadrifasciatus.


    Interesting that you found no alternative name, however, Wikipedia, if you believe what they have published, also call it the Yellow Banded Conops, which if you search on that name, only Wikipedia gives that name a mention!

  • Still not many birds around, at least in photographic range, but a few more weird things!

    An unidentified Ichneumon wasp

    You've got to love leafhoppers, as they just look like they should appear in some SciFi film - this is the Green Leafhopper (Cicadella Viridis)

    While I was trying to convince the leafhoppers to pose for me, I also found this other 'mini grasshopper'.

    It's actually a Common Groundhopper - they are a third family like Crickets and Grasshoppers but much smaller and less well known. This is the first I've found, although they are supposed to be pretty common, but it's not much larger than the leafhopper, so I guess you have to really look hard for them.

    Speaking of Grasshoppers - a lovely Common Green one on a bramble leaf

    Only the back of this one is actually green

  • Very nice Nige.

  • Great pics Nigel,  it's same up at L.M.  more insects than birds !    Wondering if some of the Warblers have already left as only heard one Sedge (with the whistle in the twittering ! ) maybe Britain got too hot for them lol

  • Very nice Nige, they have some lovely patterns! I saw my first Cricket/Grasshopper a week or two ago and It never stood still long enough for a photo.

  • Thanks all

    WE - In my experience, you have to get down on your knees and look for grasshoppers and crickets when you hear them. People will think you're mad but that adds to the fun! Move your hand through the grass and wait for them to jump. You'll be surprised how many there are down there and you'll soon find one that will pose for you. Don't wait and hope to spot one as they are too well camouflaged until they jump.

  • I had a great surprise today when checking rather tall Buddleia for Hummingbird Hawk-moths when I saw a Grasshopper half-climbing, half-hopping to the top ... couldn't get a pic though!

  • Nice 1 Wendy, I have yet to see one :(

    Got my first Holly Blue this morning at LM still here for another day and its been hot.

  • Anyone into ID-ing Craneflies??

  • Surely they cannot be real crane flies - you've done more than look at them and they still have all their legs attached.