Amphibiens 2018


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Amphibiens 2018

  • I think this is a toadlet, on a path at Saltholme


  • Gosh that's a tiddler, I hope it didn't get walked on!

  • It was indeed extremely small Hazel, I can assure you it did not get walked on as we saw it hopping along till it got into the grassy area.

  • An update in that I came across a good sized Frog when I started to clean up Goldfish pond today ... very pleased, may even be the one that came into the lounge during that recent storm!

  • Even better news today in that I came across TWO Frogs/Froglets ... woo-hoo!

    This one is often seen under the rim of the pond but sat very boldly as I took his pic ... starting to put some rocks & planting back round the pond to encourage insects for them to eat!

    All I could see of this one was his head poking up but water clear enough to show all his stripey body

  • A froglet spotted at RSPB Conwy back in August...

  • Nice one Mike, I think it could be a toadlet though, looks warty!

  • I attracted some attention laying down to get this tiny toadlet at eye level as it crossed the path …

    Those who stopped to see what I was up to were convinced it was a frog, but I think I'll stick with toad. It has apparently lost its rear right foot at some point in the past as the leg ends in a stump. Maybe there are witches in the area??? 

  • Very nice Nige, I have done this in the past but no chance these days lol

  • You can't be that bad, Jim, I remember you getting down on the ground when we were photographing butterflies on Helsington, with Hazy, back in June … mind you, that was grass :)

  • Great angle for capturing the Toadlet photo;  I was told that most toads walk (but not always !) whereas frogs tend to jump  lol  

  • I'd heard that, too, but it was difficult to say with this character. We tried encouraging it off the path, so it wouldn't get trod on but, even with gentle prodding, it just wouldn't either walk or hop. It never budged an inch! :)

  • lol Nigel, there's just no moving the toad/froglets sometimes, I remember the difficulty at L.Moss when they were everywhere (especially early morning) and stepping very tentatively along the footpaths !      Btw,  we might nip over to Woolston Weir on Tuesday as its supposed to be sunny 21 degrees;  not sure if the salmon are running but we'll check and also ask if we see any woolston members.    

  • Yes, I remember the froglets were everywhere on the trip to LM in June. I think some have been tempted back out now it is moist again!

    I see it is due to be warmer here, but not much sun in the forecast. Let me know if you hear about the salmon, but don't worry if not as we can always do something when the winter wildfowl return in greater numbers.

  • Noisette

    Nice one Mike, I think it could be a toadlet though, looks warty!

    I think you could be right, after enlarging the original photo.