Amphibiens 2018


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Amphibiens 2018

  • Cleaning out my Goldfish pond today brought a couple of surprises, firstly that I have three Frogs

    Secondly that I have baby Goldfish, of which this is one I managed to catch, the other is still darting around in the pond

    Such a tiddler!

    Have managed to catch & transfer the two large Goldfish to a holding container but the two smaller ones are evading capture ... will carry on baling out algae ridden water tomorrow to reduce their hiding places!   It's quite a major undertaking but the algae has got out of hand!

  • That's a step up from the one tiny froglet you had last time!

    My parents pond used to get baby goldfish years ago, but most quickly disappeared if we didn't separate them - they were only 2-3 millimetres long, almost completely transparent and would hide under the lily leaves - very difficult to spot!

  • Think my one is 30-40mm, not that it stayed still for a measure! Lol

  • I think that's more like a teenager - one of the few survivors of the really small fry :)

  • I was reading earlier that when they become larger than the largest Goldfish's mouth then it is safe to re-introduce it to the pond!

    Wonder if the largest Goldfish will let me look into it's mouth? Lol

  • WendyBartter

    Cleaning out my Goldfish pond today brought a couple of surprises, firstly that I have three Frogs

    Superb photos Wendy, I hope the tiddlers manage to survive, not just the fish in your pond, but the frogs as well!

  • Managed to finish cleaning out the pond today after catching the smaller pair of Goldfish & filtering all the remaining water which turned up further surprise of another two fish fry in addition to the one I already knew whas there ... total of four!  Also discovered that the two largest Frogs had legged it leaving just the smaller one which I temporarily rehoused in a pot of pond plants ... set up a fresh pot for the fry aerated by very small pond pump, they need to be a bit bigger before they can join the others ...


    Was a great deal of hard but enjoyable work & starting the colder months off with clean water & filtration pump ... boy was it a mess!!

  • Well done Wendy,  as you say, hard work but satisfying when you find these little beauties;   they look very happy in their temporary tank and will be able to fend better for themselves once they have grown.

  • A bit strange to see such tiny beings aitch, first time in my  life but very fascinating, just hope they survive!