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Add your "Odds & Sods" here thread

  • Not been out so no pictures :(

    I hope the Jackdaws leg gets better Hazel.

  • Dunlin. I suspect a juvenile but I'm more used to seeing them in winter plumage.

  • @ Paul - Love the little Dunlin, think I've only seen them during winter too.

    @ Alan  Great sunrise shot,   I see you can't sleep again  lol

  • HAZY
    I see you can't sleep again  lol

    LOL it's the best part of the day Hazel at this time of the year, just had four hours on a quiet patch with only a couple of people out.

    Just got back in and it's already too hot for me.

  • Got to agree that early morning (not your early lol)  is a lovely time to be outside and the lighting is beautiful for shots.    Btw, in case Jim is reading this too,  I've just booked three nights at Pine Lakes for £38pn in a studio room (no breakfast until you get to LM) - so if you jump on a train Alan you will have transport to/from the reserve between Sunday 22nd June and Thurs 26th June (inclusive)either by Jim or us  !   Bargain price if you can get cheap train fare -  We can eat at the pub each night too so no worries about eating, there is also a bar/restaurant at P.Lakes  ;)   post edit:  you'll need a code to get the £38 price so let me know if you need it and I'll email it to you.

  • It's a bit too early for me to pop back Hazel but I've been looking at August, stopping at the Travelodge in Lancaster works out at £100 cheaper than the hotel, first train gets into Silverdale about 05:50 so would have an early start and get breakfast at the VC.

    I can do mon-sat for £200 incl wifi.

  • Understand Alan,  just for interest I just checked train fare for the time we are there and it's £33.60 return for you  !  

  • I hope you added my senior railcard too LOL

  • lol,  I got price wrong it's £33.60 not including railcard discount!!

  • LOL

    A lovely bird to photograph

    until they get some sunshine on them lol.

  • What a beauty Alan,  IWOOT  lol

  • Before I launch into today's photos, a quick heads up. If anyone is considering a visit to the Moor Green Lakes reserve (and possibly wandering down the south footpath to take a gander at Manor farm and Fleet Hill farm): beware that the MGLG car park will be closed between 16th July and 28th July. The car park is being renovated and extended.

    Please do not park on the Lower Sandhurst road. It is narrow and we do like to keep the natives happy.  Use the Horseshoe lake car park instead.

    I saw all the usual suspects as I stomped along the north of what is left of Finch pond. Still getting used to the 800d, but loving it.

    These four Egyptian geese caught me by surprise. They came winging over from Cormorant lake, heading over to Fleet hill farm.

    Like an aircraft display team, we have the singleton keeping the crowd occupied while the main body re-group themselves. This one also came winging in from Cormorant lake.

    One slight issue I have with the 800d is that the autofocus has a mind of its own. I'm never entirely sure what it is going to choose to focus on. So the Egyptian goose was always ever so slightly out of focus.  Anyway it continued to wheel around.

    It then made an ultra low level pass, ducking down the bank along the shore line of what little remains of Finch pond.

    It then climbed a bit before winging its way through the channel between Finch pond and Cormorant lake. Perhaps the other four were running away from it.

    Can you spot the Lapwings?

    There they are.

    For those who like Gulls and Terns.

    Some took exception to me photographing them from 50 yards away. Quite the opposite of those we encountered in Torquay, who would happily walk up to you and nick your chips.

    Finally, a successful brood, almost ready to be on their own.

  • Alan, Poor blackbird!  What do you think is wrong with it?